Al Franken Is Resigning Because of Political Opportunism

This is about the Democrats needing a new talking point against the GOP

Roy Moore is ahead of Doug Jones in the polls again. The GOP in Alabama had a compelling argument that the Democrats were rallying around Al Franken, so why should they confront Moore. So Al Franken had to go.

While I agree that this is about politics I don't mind it. I'd rather the democrats focus on real issues like sexual abuse rather than made up ones like the wage gap.

And if this shames the republicans to do the right thing and kick moore to the curb, good for them. Having less creeps in congress is not a bad thing.

Why not wait for the people of Alabama to render a verdict and then decide the next step. Was Bill Clinton not elected after all of the allegations of rape against him? Did the Democrats suffer, no. How about Newts indiscretions? There is no honor among thieves and there is no moral high ground among politicians. Looking for morality among politicians is an exercise in futility. They are not doing anything that we have not heard about in Hollywood and Churches. Anywhere people have power and influence over other people there will be abuses, guaranteed. Highly moral people do not always make good leaders. Look at Jimmy Carter, highly moral person, very poor leader/president. Moral purity is subject to each persons interpretation. Is Jones more moral than Moore, where is the morality in advocating for abortion up to the point of birth. He is with Hillary, it is not a person until it leaves the hospital.