Al Franken Groped Leeann Tweeden Without Her Consent. There's Photographic Proof

Al Franken groped a lady while she was asleep. There is photographic evidence of it.

Good grief. Just go read this story and see the picture. Consider that just yesterday Al Franken was lecturing Texas Justice Don Willet on what was or was not funny. He did not like that Justice Willet had suggested he'd love to marry bacon the day after the gay marriage decision.

Well, just go check this out.

Actually, the photo shows he is acting like he is touching her, the shadows around his fingers show there is no contact. It is crude, childish and offensive, as Seen Franken has acknowledged, but it is not assault or groping.

There is no suggestion she told anyone contemporaneously, (something you have mentioned on WSB about Moore's accusers). She also has an interesting history with Sean Hannity which makes me wonder if the kiss actually happened as she says.

Maybe more will come forward with similar stories and then I will be more willing to believe this.

Seems interesting that both accusers are long time friends of Sean Hannity. I wonder why he didn't bring this out long ago. And the fact that Roger Stone teased this news beforehand makes me question this even more.

To his credit, Sen Franken apologized and did not call Ms. Twidden a liar or say the whole story is fake news. Fake groping a sleeping, (or awake) woman is inappropriate and crude, but not in the same league as assaulting a teen girl.

Wasn’t this a direct quote from Ms. Twidden?

“I couldn’t believe it. He groped me, without my consent, while I was asleep.
I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated.
How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it’s funny?”

The photo is pretty clear that there wasn't contact, and she claims she didn't know about it till later when she saw this photo. Doesn't make what he did right, but not groping.

Okay, not groping. But they were on a USO Tour, which is a workplace. Which means what he did was sexual harrassment, plain and simple. Joking about something in a locker room or with your poker buddies is one thing. Pretty much every guy has done it. But I grew up in the south where we’re taught how to treat a lady. With the deference and respect she deserves. Even miming the act of copping a feel is immature. This man is a US Senator, for pete’s sake!

Thank you, Mrnobody, I think you're more of a mrsomebody than most men who comment about this subject. It's a rampant problem (even was in my younger days in the 80s when I worked as a data processor at a police dept, then all through my career days); almost like it was their "duty" to try something in order to prove manhood of some sort. Married or not, made no difference. I realize some of these women could be jumping on the bandwagon for financial gain, but unless one has experienced the intimidation, exasperation, embarrassment of unwanted sexual advances, there's no way to truly get it. That's why most men don't, but you seem to understand, and for that, I thank you on behalf of women everywhere.

As I said in another place, I doubt Franken groped her in this instance. He's mugging for the camera that he clearly knows is there. Even if Ms. Twidden is associated with Sean Hannity, I'm inclined to believe her about the kissing. Franken has copped to what he did and apologized. He's cooperating with the ethics investigation that he requested and he'll probably receive a formal censure from the Senate, which he deserves. The irony here is that Franken will be punished for his actions, while Roy Moore will likely be the Senator from Alabama for as many terms as he wants. I know our culture is divided and partisan and that Alabama is a deeply red state. However, I never really thought it would get so bad that in Alabama it's politically better to be a pedophile than a Democrat.