Airbnb Says Committed Christians & Muslims Not Welcome

Airbnb won’t enforce its new policy in a place like Dubai, but everywhere else on the planet except in Muslim countries, committed Christians and muslims are no longer allowed to do business with Airbnb.

Airbnb is a hotel alternative that allows individuals to put up their homes on a site and offer them up as hotel rooms. With their new policy, Airbnb demands that all its users, whether those seeking to rent out their home or those looking to rent a home, must be supportive of men in girls’ bathrooms, gay marriage, and anything else except sincere faith.

On its website, Airbnb helpfully has this FAQ:

I have strong religious beliefs that do not allow me to host LGBTQ guests. What should I do?

Hosts may not decline guests based on their sexual orientation. While your views may be different than those of your guests, please remember that being an Airbnb host does not require that you endorse all of your guests’ beliefs, but simply that you respect the fact that such differences exist and be inclusive despite the differences.

In the email sent out by Airbnb, they make clear this policy applies not just to people renting, but those seeking out a place to stay too.

While the left will praise it for opposing discrimination, it amounts to discrimination against sincere people of faith who would love to be hospitable, but must draw lines around moral deviancy because of the demands of their faith. Airbnb is perfectly happy, however, to have Christians as second class citizens because sexual freedom must trump religious freedom for the left.