"After saying that I could not support the man for President, I pretty much ensured my days filling in on national talk radio were over for the time being."

That's interesting, but an understandable statement during the primaries. But why do you not support him now that he's been elected by the people of the United States to be their President for four years? It amounts to a personal insult to his voters if you say you can't support him because you have a superior understanding of his "moral worth" than they do.

Considering that he is promoting most of the same policies you would support if it were Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush in the office, why not get behind him in general and take exception when he actually does something that hurts America?

The Left has been outraged by many of his words, without understanding that those words would have more effect than simply making them outraged. Let them vent their anger, based on their faulty predictions of the future. Be more of a reporter than a prognosticator.

Finally, remember that sometimes bad things happen to us because we make mistakes, not because the fates have turned evil. Many times, those mistakes can't be corrected and we have to live with them. I suppose that overcoming them is supposed to prove one's mettle, but it hurts a lot at the time.

No. 1-2

There is a difference between not supporting the candidate of the other party, even to the extent of questioning his birth location (which I didn't do, it's just an example), and saying that your own candidate or your own President is "ignorant," unfit, evil," or whatever. And if Trump isn't advancing a conservative agenda, what is passing tax reduction to encourage growth, attempting to repeal Obamacare, reducing the number of federal regulations, curtailing the murder of innocent civilians in Syria, defusing tension between North and South Korea, and attempting to stem the flow of illegal aliens entering our own country? What do you call those?

If he had more solid backing from fellow Republicans, all of those items would be even further advanced than they already are, and the packages would be even better.


Did you support Obama out of fear of insulting his voters? Trump is not advancing a conservative agenda.