Abortion Is Killing More Than Kids. It's Killing Our Constitutional Institutions

The truth of the accusations against Kavanaugh do not matter to most progressives. His abortion position does.

If the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade tomorrow, abortion would become a state level issue. States in progressive control could permit abortion till birth. States in conservative control could ban abortion. People who lived in states where abortion was restricted could travel to states that allow abortion and have one with no penalty from their home state. Entirely new non-profits could be created to pay the travel costs of those who live in conservative areas who want an abortion. The reality, however, is that most conservative states would not ban abortion, though they would certain curtail it to variously degrees.

That is the reality.

But the left in America has predicated its religious fervor for abortion on the mythology of back alley abortions and nationwide bans. As a result, the political left in America, with religious fervor, will do anything and everything to stop any possibility of California being able to have unfettered abortion access while Tennessee restricts access. That leads me to Brett Kavanaugh.

The accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are not true and none of the people claiming to care passionately about their truth really care about their truth. We know by their demands that he step aside now. We know because if a 35 year old allegation from high school that is single sourced with no witness, strong denials, and no corroboration is considered credible, there are no allegations that could ever be considered not credible.

The accusation against Brett Kavanaugh is because of abortion. The liberal college professor is being promoted by partisan groups with an expressed desire to advance the abortion agenda. Democrat PR firms are coordinating messaging on this on behalf of the abortion industry. They are convinced Brett Kavanaugh would overturn Roe v. Wade so he must be destroyed.

The result is Democrats demanding documents from the White House about Kavanaugh then withholding the most important one of all. The result is Democrats bungling the roll out of the accusations and coordinating talking points with pundits and reporters to call Kavanaugh "credibly accused." The result is a leftwing punditocracy that has decided there is nothing Kavanaugh can do to clear his name except step aside.

This is all about cracking open the skulls of children, vacuuming out their brains, and tearing them limb from limb before selling them for scrap. This has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. This has nothing to do with due process. This has nothing to do with justice or equality. This has everything to do with killing kids.

And yes, it is fair to say the handling of Merrick Garland did as well. Abortion politics has infested our institutions and required both sides to not only cede no ground, but escalate the fight beyond reason. The only way forward really is to end Roe and let this be a state issue. But the political left is too invested in a centralized, single abortion policy at the national level.

So Republicans must now double down in defense of Kavanaugh or push forward someone even more conservative. Otherwise, the left will keep escalating abortion politics. Eventually, the nomination processes will turn violent.

No. 1-6

Trump and his people are totally PRO abortion. In 2012, Jason Miller got a stripper pregnant so he gave her a smoothie with an abortion drug mixed in. She wasn't looking to have an abortion but clearly that wasn't going to stop Miller. The drug caused horrible bleeding and she had to be taken to the ER. She nearly wound up dead or in a coma from blood loss and of course the baby was dead. He tried to get her to sign an NDA. This is one of "The Best People" Trump surrounds himself with.

Hopefully he finds himself in prison. He can be cellmates with Trump. They both love NDAs, strippers and cheating on their wives so they should have a lot to talk about.

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

I'm pro-choice up to the end of the second trimester--I don't consider that entity a person before that. I just don't--and this is a religious judgement. But after that, it's a person, and therefore it's murder.

I understand that post-20 week abortion is legal in some places in the US. I don't think it should be unless the mother's life is threatened. I think that 21-week old entity is a person, a baby, with the associated rights therein. I don't think it should be illegal in Utah but legal in Nevada--I think it should be illegal everywhere because murder is murder.

That's what I think, and agree or disagree with me, I think I'm being clear about what I believe.

Why can't everybody be like that?


But Kavanaugh's abortion position is that Roe v. Wade is "settled law". How could "progressives" have any problem with that?


The boundaryless living of the left reminds me of something Francis Schaeffer wrote: "If there is no absolute by which to judge society, then society is absolute."

Your brother
Your brother

If you think about it, Roe v Wade is just the easiest, most polished "sword" for the left to wield. If you take away R v W, then their choices for another sword in this battle is much messier. The real issue is turning the tide and stemming the flow of progressive ideals that have been hoisted upon the nation with clearly detrimental results.

-- Progressive "family values" and a "supportive government" have meant that more and more families have disintegrated with more single parent families, more kids growing up in poverty or low-income situations, and more dependency on the government. Not only are we killing kids, we're not doing a good job on the whole of raising them and that's now resulting in adults who accept this all as the new normal.

-- "New definitions" of truth have also resulted in so many new "truths"...."your truth is not my truth so it must be wrong and the latest decisions of the activist judges prove this" has turned our society upside down in so many ways and is actually threatening the rights of all of us. Unless the tide is stemmed, continued wandering down this path will only result in greater confusion, more intrusion, and less freedom for us all.

Abortion is the convenient sword. As long as they continue to "wave this hand over here" to draw our attention in hopes of keeping the real issues off the table, and we keep falling for it, we'll continue to be lead down the path to the slaughter.

We can't give up on Judge Kavanaugh. He's not going to be our savior (we know who He is), but I do hope he will help to right the listing ship we're on.