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A Reminder That You Have It Better Than Most

A mother is dead in Kenya because her son spoke out against the ruling party.

I don't know the man, but he is a friend of a friend. The man lives in Kenya and spent most of his life in poverty. But through hard work and some providence, he was able to get off the floor of society. He bought a house and moved his mother into the house. She is dead today, murdered by the police in Kenya. The man's political views are different from those of the Kenyan President. An election is on in Kenya and Parliament there just changed election rules nationwide that all but ensure the ruling party stays in power. This man has been outspoken against these changes and the current Kenyan President.

So police showed up at his home today and killed his mother as payback. And this is a growing normal part of life in a country that had once been known for its stability.

The United States is not perfect. There have been instances of police brutality. There has been injustice. But the police are not coming to your home and killing your family because you speak out against President Trump or because you spoke out against President Obama. We are far more stable than most other countries and have many more freedoms than even people next door in Canada have, particularly on the first amendment front.

There are many people here who hate President Trump and there are many Republicans who hated President Obama. And many of them will look at what is happening in places like Kenya and expect it to happen here or think it already is happening here. There will be some who engage in whataboutisms and try to draw moral equivalents. But they do so out of partisan anger and not because of real issues.

The police will not come to your home today to kill your mother over political disagreements. Thank God you are an American. But also remember freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

We are sadly one generation from going under ...Erick be the Warrior we need

Maybe we ought to be teaching some of this in our schools to the future generations......that is if we can get the schools and teachers to be more open to what is real...

Thanks Eric, you are so right, most in our country do not appreciate or realize how blessed we are. We need to be ever vigilant that certain forces don't change that.

I have always had it better than most, while, at the same time, I could not seem to be able to do most of the things I wanted to, until I found out it was me who was in the way. I may not come across to some of the commenters as an empathetic person, but that's because you only know me in the small amount of space I make my comments in. I learned this lesson decades ago, and don't brag about who I give to, when I help someone out, because that is all different between one person and the next. It does bother me that people in other lands are treated the way they are. I just realized that I can't do everything, and darned sure I can't do enough for my own family, at times. so, I have to understand what empathy means and how best to deal with the problems of the world. I just try to do one thing at a time. You do what you can, and make the most of it.