"A Negative Impact" A Gubernatorial Candidate Speaks Truth on Parkland Activists

Bill Lee says the Parkland gun activists have had a negative impact on the conversation over the second amendment.

Please don't take this as an endorsement, but it is refreshing to hear a candidate say this. At a Tennessee Forum for gubernatorial candidates, Republican Bill Lee and the other candidates are asked if the Parkland students have had a negative or positive influence on the gun control debate. All of the candidates say positive, except Bill Lee.

He says they've had a negative impact. And he would be correct.

It's nice to see a candidate not fall all over himself giving platitudes and head pats to this.

I would be interested to hear what your idea of a good gun control debate is by your defination.

One where you don't accuse your opponents as terrorists would be a good start...

Speaking as a constitutional law professor, I don't think any conversation about constitutional rights is a bad thing. I'd rather have a conversation than have to assert my Second Amendment rights with a gun. In my particular case, I joined the NRA for the first time after Parkland, and my wife was annoyed, but I pointed out that I was not endorsing aggressiveness but defensiveness -- and political action in defense. The NRA's "Victory Fund" contributions have spiked since Parkland, as has membership. The NRA is a political voice for the most part. I want the organization to stand for our quite personal part of the Constitution, even more personal than the third amendment about billeting soldiers in your home. The Swiss stayed out of WWII in part because the citizenry was armed to the teeth. Maybe they should have weighed in, but the fact that they could choose to stay out was a tribute to something akin to the Second Amendment.

Or on the other side comparing your opponents to Nazis taking guns from Jews.


The left/progressives want "discussion" as long as it's on their terms and about taking our guns away.Watch - every time someone brings anything up (carlson last night talking to the guy about automatic rifles?), they go into their armadillo ball & blather on with their fingers in their ears.

A political candidate telling the truth is very rare, whether Republican or Democrat. We need more people like Bill Lee.

Personally I believe the best form of gun control would be to get everyone living in Government housing, eating off food stamps & WICK and get them working and providing for themselves, restoring their pride in being self-sufficient and determining their own path. This alone would end 90% of murders in these heavely populated, democratic run cities. Now that is real Gun Control.

The best form of gun control is 15 in the 7 ring!

An extreme rush to judgement is usually negative. The facts about the Parkland shooting and what was behind the actions opf the Broward County Sheriffs were not known for a time. We now have more gun regulation because earlier ones were not enforced. Are the politicians giving their true feeling, or what they think the public wants to hear? Guns are the focus because that was the instrument used, other weapons just as deadly are being ignored.

Leftists, primarily in the media, are using these kids to promote leftist lies about guns and mass shootings. You see, because they attended this school and are minors to leftists they have ‘a right’ to speak on this issue and anyone who points out the fallacies in what they are saying are ‘bullies’. They are using these kids as a shield to their bankrupt ideology.

So yet again some politician raises the issue of gun control and again we hear crickets about illegal weapons. Irrespective of the "discussion", it is always about legal gun owners with
zero talk of the black on black murders in every city of the US. Here is a good summary of some points.

It depends on which of the students we're talking about, I think that Kyle Kashuv has had a positive impact, but the students who are getting the most attention are having a negative effect, because they're contributing to the country being more polarized.