A Necessary Thing

We must continue on this course because we have no other option at the moment.

We must continue to beg for reader support because we are only at 22% of our necessary goal. We aren't b.s.'ing when we say we have a certain amount to raise. We know our break even point and we know what we need to sustain ourselves till then. And that's what we are seeking to raise.

I know not everyone can help, but if you are able and willing, please help by going here now or by texting DONATE to 345345.

Hey Erick, sorry you keep getting hate on these posts.

I'm a liberal who enjoys your content mostly for a different perspective on issues and to be challenged. You often offer a a unique point of view on Washington.

But I'm not sure if a website/blog model is sustainable. I know vox has been having similar funding issues. And I think such a venture may be unsustainable.

I do think you should think about started a YouTube channel or getting more into Facebook. There are plenty of right wing personalities who do well there and I think you would increase your audience.

There was a time when the makers of horse and buggies must have known that their business model could not continue on past the car. And I think the same is true of this style of website.

Daily video content is where the future lies. Not short form blog posts.

BenjaminD. On the other hand, there are those like me who can't spend hours on the social sites and videos. I don't watch TV news and want to get it by succinct articles from trusted sources on the Internet.

Erick, I dearly want to donate but am having trouble with Anedot. I signed up last year to make it easy to donate, but now can't seem to figure out how to change my email addy or enter a new credit card. I can enter the card info, but it doesn't apply. Can you supply a very simple alternative perhaps on your site. I have donated to others very easily. Ted Cruz comes to mind. Maybe your problem is that people get frustrated trying to donate and don't persevere. Word to the wise. Love you, Erick, and want you to hang in there for us. Thx for all you do!

Reminds me what they said about radio in the era of television.

Besides, you liberals are always telling us cons how much smarter you are than us......

Thank you for taking the initiative to create this information platform. Happy to kick in to keep it going. See you down here in Austin this August!

Youtube and Facebook do some pretty radical censoring. Here at least I can censor what I choose. And I have a vast preference for reading rather than listening. In my case, I use the money I save by not buying newspapers.

Come on, don't be a jerk - Ben is playing nice, we should reciprocate. Or, if you're just joking, please make that clear ;) And Erick: I concur with dguenthner and others - You have a great thing going here, and had I two pennies to rub together, I would pitch in, too. But I don't, unfortunately, so all I can do is wish you good luck with the fundraising - God bless you!


Eric, you have chosen a very tough road. There is tough competition from conservative talk radio. Advertising, membership dues, writing of books or other products is all part of the game. The Regent is a on-line newspaper, your talk show is regional. I admire you for your very ethical stand, but is it reality? You set a goal for fundraising, what are your needs, and those you employ? What is the age and financial ability of your audience? You are competing against funds that help Christians as a group,. You have built yourself an island as you attack Trump, but still respect some of what he has accomplished. People are controlled by laws on the books, or what they make law. Thing s that can't be ignored. We now have gay marriage, Obamacare, marijuana has almost been made legal, people are in court to defend their religious rights. If Obama would have settled for the moral values of Trump and not had the things that developed under his administration, would the country be better off? Obama forced his ideas down our throats.