A Moral People No More

Barring some crisis that rouses the American people to our better angels, the great American experiment is over.

The American experiment is at an end. The nation will continue. But barring some crisis that rouses the American people to our better angels, the experiment is over. Our founders determined that our republic had to be premised on a good and moral people. The law is only as good as the people. There are just too many examples of the people not being so good.

Evangelical support for the President is at an all time high. The news comes as more Playboy playmates and porn stars come forward to confess to adultery with the President while his wife was pregnant. Even many of the President’s ardent supporters now acknowledge it. But they do not care because the President gives them what they want.

“He is President, not a preacher,” tends to be the common refrain. Some compare him to King David, who God loved despite his adultery and having Bathsheba’s husband killed. They ignore the part about David’s son then starting a civil war, David having to flee, his son getting killed, and both David and his kingdom suffering God’s wrath till he repented.

Donald Trump is the first leader in the history of the world who evangelicals think does not have to repent. Trump himself has said he never felt the need to ask God to forgive anything. The relationship is transactional and people of supposed faith have resorted to claims they should adopt the tactics of the left to win.

Call me crazy, but when you have an all powerful, omnipotent, creator of the entire universe on your side, you should not have to rely on a slightly orange adulterer for protection from your enemies. But American evangelicals have traded the risen Lord for Balaam’s donkey.

Then there is the left. Though Russell Vought, one of President Trump’s nominees, got confirmed, he faced harsh questioning by Senator Bernie Sanders over a piece Vought had written at The Resurgent. Vought had written in defense of Wheaton College, which disciplined a professor for violating the college’s statement of faith. The professor had taken the position that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, which neither Christians nor Muslims would agree with. Muslims explicitly reject the Christian trinity, which is a foundational tenet of orthodox Christianity.

All Vought did was defend the Christian institution requiring its professors to adhere to a statement of faith to which they had agreed to adhere. Sanders attacked Vought as an anti-Muslim bigot for defending Christian orthodoxy. The left cheered on Sanders for his attack.

Similarly, Senator Corey Booker recently attacked Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo on the issue of homosexuality. Booker asked Pompeo, a practicing Christian, if he viewed homosexuality as a perversion.

As a matter of Christian orthodoxy, homosexuality is a perversion and sin. God made mankind male and female and then created the institution of marriage. Homosexuality, as writers of both the Old Testament and New Testament have noted, is a sin because it twists the order of things God created. Like Sanders with Vought, Booker pushed Pompeo on the issue because of Pompeo’s faith.

The problem is our constitution prohibits religious tests for people to have jobs in the federal government. While that test does not prevent you from voting against someone because you disagree with their faith, it is absolutely intended to prohibit a member of Congress from rejecting a nominee for appointed office because of that person’s faith. But two senators have now gone on record doing exactly that and the left is cheering them on.

As we have self-described evangelicals cheering on a serial, unrepentant adulterer and we have Democrats voting against people for adhering to basic tenets of Christianity, we as a nation cannot sustain the great American experiment in self-government. We cannot control our worst impulses and we demand others bend to our will. The morals our founders would trust us to have in applying our laws are out the window. The law is only as good as the men and women who interpret and enforce it and good men and women are harder and harder to find.

Who is left? You attack Trump for his adultery. His nominees have been attacked for their Christian beliefs. Planned Parenthood is still being funded because of two senators. McConnell stopped Trump from cutting spending. Some Democrats want purist when it comes to gun control and abortion. You want the forced agenda of the LBGT as Obama and many Democrats want. I am not forced to follow Trump's morals. Much of what Obama was enacted as law. You act like Mueller needs protection, so the investigation will not end. To me homosexuality is as bad as adultery. Has Trump moved to favor homosexuals? The issue of adultery is only one of the commandments, there is the one about false witness The RINOs and the establishment will never cut spending. McConnell and Ryan have tried to control . the conservatives. I have learned what a person should know and actually knows are two completely different items, you often need 24/7 contact.


A bit off topic, but I think you're wrong. Rubio consistently ran ahead of Trump by about 10 points in electoral trial heats. If the election were Rubio v. Clinton, it's a different election run on different points. Trump turned off a lot of people: minorities and suburban women and just barely made up for it with his gains from disaffected working class whites. How then would a Rubio v. Clinton race have gone down. I think he would have done better in places like Wisconsin (where Trump was an uncomfortable fit and the GOP had a great organization anyway.) He probably would have won Pennyslvania with a different set of voters (more suburbanites than Trump less disaffected whites) and probably carried Florida by more and win Colorado and Nevada, as well as New Hampshire and he'd have won a majority of the popular vote. When you look at the actual election. The idea that a candidate who lost the popular vote to someone as disliked and distrusted as Hillary Clinton was the best GOP could do is laughable.


Yes. A test to see how many would abandon the Lord to pledge devotion to the living, breathing embodiment of the 7 Sins and his cult instead.


An excellent article "A Moral People No More" by Erick Erickson. The direction of the American people has changed and not for the better. The Evangelicals have been bought and sold, many of the other religious factions have remained silent. Their silence denotes approval. So, thanks Mr. Erickson, at least one sane voice is out there.


Good Lord, Erick when will you ever learn? Did you write the same article when Bill Clinton was president? Did he not sin against his wife before and after being president. Wasn’t GHW Bush recently accused of touching young women inappropriately and telling off sexual jokes. Where is your article on that Erick? What about The Missouri Governor it the other Republicans caught is sexual sin. Nothing but silence from you Erick. When you stop playing God and judging others. Sin in its very nature carries its own punishment. Trump has to reconcile his sins with his wife and his God, not you, not me, not the Republican Party and not the American people. Erik, let God be God and you stick to your radio show.

God did sovereignly place Trump in the presidency. We do not know why, for God owns the perspective of Eternity while we labor under the immediacy of the moment. What may appear in the moment as antithetical to a higher moral reasoning may in the Eternal perspective be a fulfilling of the highest of moral reasoning. Or Trump could be the punishment we so richly deserve. Each man must examine his own reasoning and motives and then pray for God’s mercy, for we are always only deserving of His wrath.

God also sovereignly placed Obama in the presidency. That's not an argument for or against any single president. I don't trust President Trump to do the right thing but I will support him when he does. I know he's better than any Democrat. I don't trust most Republicans to do the right thing either.

It is indeed worse than you describe in both parties, as we only see the public scandels that they are no longer able to hide despite millions of dollers in non disclosure and legal fees that seems to be the primary accomplishment when they are not destroying the country to line their pockets with the money to do more of the same. How the mighty have fallen. It looks to me like we will have to rebuild from the ground up. Learn to take care of our own families and those lessons will teach us how to do the public business. The moral reprobates that the party leaders love because they are just like themselves do not have the vision to take care of themselves or their families. It is self evident they will be of no help to us. Most of our children are allready more mature than our political class will ever be.

As I've said before on this topic, we all know who Trump is. We've all made peace with and founds way to square the circle in our minds. If evangelicals were coming out of the woodwork saying how sleeping with pornstars was totally in line with Jesus, I could see Erick's point. But as it is, his beef seems to be people aren't attacking him vigorously enough for being exactly the person we knew and voted for. Its a broken record with him and its silly. As is his every-other week or so wincing on how "America is doomed...doomed I tell you!"


Frankly we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. Accepting that and making decisions based on that doesn't make anyone an "Idol". And indeed to argue otherwise seems more like a line of attack to shut down arguments than reasoned arguments.


Not all that long ago many of the same Church leaders and Evangelicals who are supporting Trump today were making their names by saying Clinton should be impeached for merely the belief he was having an affair (well before even the lying under oath part came about) and could be heard nearly daily saying how Clinton would lead to a "decay of moral society" and bring about the "end of America"

Now those people cheer on Clintons longtime friend, donor and admirer despite his taking Clintons faults to the extreme.

So were they lying then just to make their name, or lying now to gain political positioning favor?

Either way, this Church of Worldly advancement movement we currently see taking place has no connection to the Word, and you can not point to the actions of the worldly obsessed hacks as proof that real Christians should not care about the moral destruction of the Nation and World as a whole.

Donald Trump is basically the embodiment of Wordly-motivated Sin, and we all know who is ultimately behind that. So sure, Evangelicals are free to support this guy and his Master if they choose, but...

To support my last post I'd like to add this...

True Christians attempt to identify their sins and work towards eliminating them and repent for their existence

Backslidden and fake Christians often recognize their sin but try to justify them

Non Christians don't concern themselves with sin, but generally attempt to live a good, positive life

Puppets of the Devil could care less about sin and do anything they please to advance their worldly desires

...when pondering Trump himself, we see a person who goes out of his way to display to the entire world his sins on a daily basis.

There was a time not all that long ago when most all Christians would take note of that and act accordingly. Now few dare say a word, and those that do are often dismissed as many others try to justify their support of the Puppet-in-Cheif.

John 18:36 - "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place."

Many so-called Christians seem to have forgotten or ignored that completely, and have chosen instead to fight to have their desires come true in this world - going so far as to embrace an embodiment of sin to accomplish their goals. It should not be too hard to imagine what Jesus would likely say about that

"But American evangelicals have traded the risen Lord for Balaam's donkey."

Indeed! The cabal of easily manipulated hypocrites called "evangelicals" also have no qualms about their undying loyalty to the birthed-supremacist baby-butchering Trump and his fellow birthed-supremacist baby-butchering progressives in the demonic RepugnantGoon party. A satanic entity that recently funded Planned Baby-butchering to the tune of half-a-billion dollars.


Everyone who expects the end of the world as we know it, it’s about time you finally read the Bible. God wins in the end. What happens in between is theater for us to see the greatest of our God. Take a deep breath and let God be God. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. That does not include harping on other people’s past sins. Work on your own sins and let God deal with those of others.

Nor does it include helping them lie to cover up present sins?

All sin is known by God. It is not for man to judge sin, that is God’s job, leave in his capable hands. He does not need your or Erick’s help to do his job.

To rebuild from the ground up would mean returning, if it were possible, to the event(s) that resulted in the founding of this great nation. The critical element in that was a moral people. Without that there is no foundation to build on. Finding that morality would mean finding God and for those who do not acknowledge Him, they see no reason to search. If we learn from history, a return to the worship of God usually follows some catastrophic event such as a world war; the great depression, etc., events that brought about revival. For the Jewish people of a pre-Christian era, it was being defeated by foreign nations. On a smaller scale, we are witnesses to the outpouring of God's goodness in the midst of natural disasters of the past year. People of all faiths or no faith, coming to the aid of victims. Victims who could proclaim the goodness of God after having lost all their possessions. Yet there is no evidence of a long term moral revival.


Then Jesus and the apostles John the baptist and all the prophets were wrong? I suppose we don't need the old book anymore?

Thank you Erick. I have long been saying that we are no longer the moral and virtuous people the Constitution was written for. We either go back to virtue, or rewrite the constitution. We are suffering under a government that no longer works, because we are not the people the government was designed for. We extol evil people, we support legalized abortion, we elect as our very leaders those we should jail. We indeed are suffering God's wrath...and we deserve it.


I looked all over the ballot for John the Baptist and I couldn't find him, so I voted for Donald Trump over the psychopathic, murdering progressives. I know their sins pale in the face of something like adultery, but I did it anyway..