A Clinton Probe Would Be Bad For Donald Trump

A Hillary Clinton investigation may make conservatives​ happy, but it would set a precedent that could lead to Donald Trump's ruin.

A lot of my conservative friends are eager for a probe of Hillary Clinton. Convinced of Roy Moore's innocence and Hillary Clinton's guilt, they are of the opinion that a special prosecutor must be appointed at all costs.

In principle I agree. But we are deluding ourselves to think that a special prosecutor would really do anything against the Clintons. They may now be out of power, but those two know how to play the persecution card better than anyone else. Go after the Clintons with a special prosecutor and watch them rebound just now as they are starting to exit public life altogether.

The bigger problem, though, is the one for President Trump. You all may be convinced the Clintons are guilty of something, but the Democrats are just as convinced Donald Trump, his whole family, and his business are guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. If President Trump's Administration launches an inquiry against Hillary Clinton, the left, the media, and half the country would view it as partisan and political, not as a good faith enforcement of American law.

It would thereby set a precedent for the next President who would have every right to then explore the left's grievances against President Trump, the Trump family, the Trump organization, etc. It'd still be within the statute of limitations. And President Trump would have ceded the ground.

Now I know there are some of you thinking "damn the torpedos, full speed ahead," but the bag of hurt you would be opening far outweighs any crime Hillary Clinton might have committed. Yes, some people who commit crimes do get away with it. And sometimes you have to let people who commit crimes get away with those crimes because the dangers of pursuing them far outweigh the crime.

It'd be great to see Hillary Clinton in jail. But it'd be really terrible to then see subsequent administrations routinely getting special prosecutors to destroy their political enemies. And no matter how much you think she deserves it, the country does not deserve to go through anything like what that would then cause.

This has to end somewhere. If Trump gets dragged into it later on so be it. Maybe then we'll start having candidates with cleaner pasts?


There has been enough investigation. The decisions would have been different with different people involved. Do the American people want a special prosecutor for every disagreement? Sessions recluse d himself because the Democrats confused senate duties and the campaign. He wanted to be above the muck of Holder and Lynch. Trump did not want to pursue charges against Hillary after he won. Hillary destroyed evidence that could have convicted her. With all of the information that has been presented, does Hillary have the same power? Would Hillary be judged on her own or in a comparison? There is the Clinton record by itself and the combined Clinton/Obama record. For those who were paying attention the uranium deal and the Clinton Foundation is nothing new. The problem is as much the mainstream media as the prosecutor.. Look at the time that has been spent trying to find collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Mr. Mueller is investigating while the senate and house are having hearings. The house and senate should have rights at least equal to FOIA. With what has been found on Trump would anything be found on Moore after a year of investigating?

This is a judgement call, but I agree with those who say investigate/prosecute. If we are indeed a country of laws and not of men (or women) then we are obligated to go after what appears to be blatant lawbreaking. If we do not draw a line in THIS sand, they will abuse the privilege even more. How long have the Clintons and other democrats gotten away with this? Their corruption with put an end to our republic if we don't fight back, then we won't be able to fight back. Will Trump get investigated? Isn't he already being investigated? What have we got to lose?


Perhaps I'm missing something, but seems to me that the liberals/Democrats aren't waiting for him to leave office to explore their grievances. I'm not sure the next president could do much more than is currently being done by the special prosecutor and the media.

I just don't understand your reasoning on this. Who cares if it is bad for Trump? Who cares if it is bad for every president going forward, regardless of party affiliation, until the end of time? This whole mindset is exactly what has created a "swamp" to begin with. The aristocracy has grown to a point that rarely anyone in Washington is held accountable and the band has played on and on for the last 30+ years. If we continue to play this game of avoiding precedent, we will continue to get politicians that grow more and more intrepid in their corruption and nefarious deeds.


Your Logic escapes us. The Clinton crime family may exact retribution in the future and so we shouldn't prosecute them? Are you in support of crime?

Why conduct another investigation; dig out the previous ones, turn it over to a prosecutor and file charges! After getting past the first hurdle, further investigation may be in order for the most recent uranium issue. No previous charges have been filed nor a trial; therefore, no double-jeopardy issue. If a reasonable prosecutor refuses to file charges; a further investigation would be a waste of time.

Eric, News flash! This is what is going on now with the current so-called "Russian probe." There will be no rock not turned over by Mueller and his "team." If some transgression can be found about President Trump, his family, his business or any other entity or action associated with President Trump, Mueller's ilk is hell bent on finding it. I assure you this group is seizing the opportunity to destroy President Trump now in order to protect the status quo of all that can be rightly defined as "the swamp." No, the right thing to do is to carefully investigate the Clintons and bring them to justice for the decades of crimes and indiscretions that have followed and defined them.

Anyone know a good site/post that keeps tabs on the evidence against the Clintons?

Well, from my observations, those nevertrumpers love to rest on principles, or at least, they claim to. If that is the case, then they should be all for investigating Hillary, or any other crook in DC or out. If Trump decides to tell Sessions to designate a special prosecutor, which is something Congress has already made their desires known, Trump must not be as worried about being caught up, since Mueller obviously is looking for dirt on Trump, and not Hillary, where the evidence seems to be leading. You can't have it both ways, and I think will end up in favor of that special prosecutor. I want this stuff to end, also, but let's tell them to stick to a principled, constitutionally desired way of cleaning the corruption out of the federal government. I'm not worried about where this all ends. I would love to see Lady Justice shine, once again.