A Bridge Too Far That Too Many Will Support

We should not be separating children from their parents.

I hope this report is wrong, but given statements that have come from people close to the process, I fear it is right. The Trump Administration is reportedly considering separating children from parents in illegal immigration situations. The move is meant to deter people from coming across the border illegally. It is cruel, inhumane, and I think deeply, deeply offensive to the tenets of my faith.

And sadly I know that the comments to this piece and in the Republican party as a whole will find all sorts of happy warriors defending it. But you should not.

There are, in society, degrees of punishment. We do not offer up capital punishment or even life imprison except for the worst crimes. It is why I am opposed to zero tolerance policies in public schools. The good kids with no history of bad behavior should not be disciplined in the same way as the repeat offenders. Grace should be shown. The same holds true here.

There are ways to discourage and disincentivize illegal immigration without separating children from parents. It is traumatic to the child and, frankly, given the prevalence of sexual abuse these days we cannot guarantee the child will escape various forms of torment while in custody.

Likewise, while I too oppose illegal immigration, I do not advocate armed gun towers gunning people down trying to cross the border. There are such things as proportional responses and I don't think this is a proportional response.

But most importantly, I do not think people who claim this as a Christian nation should support the separation of families. The gospel is not just for us, but for everyone. And while I think we need to detain and deport families that cross illegally, I think separating the children from the parents sounds more 1930's Germany than American. It lacks compassion or grace, both of which can and should be shown even while meting out justice.

This is very much the wrong policy to reflect American values and I cannot support it and must root against its implementation.

@BiggDoggie : Couldn't agree more with and @Portage_and_Main . I'm all for keeping families together but it should be by all of them returning together not granting the parents a free pass.

Break the dreamers up. Over 18, 15-18, 5- 15 and under . There is the adoption/foster parent alternative and a previously mentioned all go back. Background and citizenship test. Dreamers in the military. Those who have a work history. Those close to a degree. Send back all who don't meet standards within three years. End anchor babies, chain migration, dual citizenship. Those who become citizens are part of the immigration limits.

“…[G]iven statements that have come from people close to the process…”.
Eric, I think you’ve been suckered.
I understand how you might feel the need to get ahead of this story and decry the “process” before anything happens, but you’re 20+ years late.
This has all the earmarks of a story planted for the sole purpose of stirring the anti-Trump pot into a frenzy, complete with demonstrations, pontificating posturing, law suits, yada, etc., et al.
Well, Trump didn’t do “it”. It was done with an immigration bill passed by Congress in 1996 creating statute INA Section 212(a)(9)—(see Family Separation Penalty Must Go — Immigration Attorneys Portland Oregon).
I agree that the process would be deeply offensive to the tenets of anyone but an ISIS zealot. In this instance, however, I think maybe you should dismount your stately steed and put this problem in the proper context, laying it at the correct doorstep and proceeding from there.


They are already separated by the process of the parent being held, anyway, aren't they? Do you want us to set up boot camps for the families to stay intact? That will just encourage more to come across. I'm not in favor in harming children, but the problem is just more complex that letting someone stay with his kids is an easy thing to do.

Hey Erick, as you predicted the comments wouldn't go your way on this. I think you'r right though, and the majority of your commenters wrong.