No one pays anyone that amount of money to buy silence for something that never happened.

We have some people who want to be willfully ignorant about Donald Trump and the porn star. They refuse to believe it happened not because they don't think it happened, but because they realize if they acknowledge the deed it would open up all sorts of questions. Take Franklin Graham who says he believes the President, as just one example.

Here comes Trump's lawyer to tell us that he personally paid Stormy Daniels $130,000.00 out of his own pocket to keep her quiet during the last month of the campaign. Why? Over something that didn't happen? This lawyer specializes in attacking anyone who even glares at President Trump, but he was willing to pay this lady to shut up about something that didn't happen?

That should be a bridge too far. Of course it won't be for some. Some will rationalize and claim, as they are already doing, that in light of the Access Hollywood tape, this had to be done to keep evangelicals in line. If that's what these people need so they can sleep well at night, okay. But for the rest of us, no one pays $130,000.00 out of their own pocket to keep someone silent over something that did not happen.

Itching ears for sure these days.

WHEN did the proclivities happen? Yep, years ago...

By his own words & the witness of others, Trump have been very friendly towards Christianity especially in the last year or so,even heavy hinting that he has accepted Christ into his life (even with his immature comment about not needing to confess sins...)

So, who among us can/will judge him by his current activities and say that he hasn't changed? Do we have Lewinsky's coming from under desks? Or trailer park hussies available through the secret service back doors?

No, all of this is old stuff.

Just as is OUR pasts.

I myself, sure don't want anyone digging up my past & bringing it up in my face now. I am a new man in Christ - warts and all - continually growing & maturing (hopefully!!!), so I give the same grace to Trump...

How I really agree with you. The Bible tells us that we are not to judge others but that Jesus is the Judge. And I am with you as for anyone digging up my past of the years 1940-1980 the year I accepted Christ and made Him Lord and Savior of my life.

Who sees the fruit of repentance that is demonstrated with conversion?

Exactly, NiceLady! There is no fruit to see because there has been no conversion.

More than likely Trump did that for which he was accused. This is not totally surprising. The electorate knew his character and still voted for him. Many of our presidents were flawed including Eisenhower, Kennedy & Clinton. We elected them for what they could do for the country and not for their imperfections. What Trump did was twelve years ago. What he did is between him and his God. In out bible study today we were taught about the importance of forgiveness. I don't know if Melania will be able to forgive him. For the sake of their marriage I hope she can. 'At least what occurred was in the past and not while Trump has been in office.