YouTube Joins Facebook Publicly Humiliating Themselves

While Facebook flags Christian satire sites for "fake news," YouTube employs a violence-inciting left wing hate group.

Last week Facebook humiliated itself by flagging a popular satirical site for “fake news.” Seriously:

The Babylon Bee set off Facebook’s alarm bells by publishing a satirical piece stating that CNN had purchased an “industrial-size washing machine to spin news before publication.” This is obviously a joke and is clearly marked satire and is published on a site entirely devoted to satire. But the uptight jerks over at Snopes decided to fact check the Bee’s claim, to ensure that no one actually thought that CNN “made a significant investment in heavy machinery.” Uh, okay. Thanks, Snopes! Would’ve totally fallen for that one!

Hours later, Adam Ford, who runs The Babylon Bee, got a notification warning him that the post had been flagged as so-called “fake news” by Snopes, and that if it happened again, the Bee’s Facebook page could face de-monetization and its posts would suffer a reduced reach.

Though Facebook had to embarrassingly apologize for the error and issue a correction, they have not signaled any intent to correct the larger error: attempting to police the opinions and ideas of others based on the opinions and ideas of a leftist fact-checking organization.

Meanwhile, as if committed to seeing Facebook’s bone headedness and raising the ante, YouTube has admitted that they are relying on a discredited and highly controversial left-wing hate group to “monitor” the content of videos uploaded to their site. The Southern Poverty Law Center, the anti-Christian cabal of activists that have incited violence against Christians and conservatives on more than one occasion - including an attempted mass shooting, have been employed by YouTube as one of their “trusted flaggers.”

These flaggers have the ability to report unfavorably on a video, which then leads to restricting access to it, demonetizing it, and even censoring it entirely.

Given SPLC’s unprofessional history, and their repeated offenses of labeling peaceful, traditionally conservative organizations as “hate groups” – even when such labeling is demonstrably false and leads to violent attacks on innocent parties – this is an extremely concerning step for YouTube. Everyone who knows the leadership of Google (which owns YouTube) knows that it is painfully left-wing. Therefore, them handing over the accuracy testing to left-wing fact-checkers is no surprise. But the SPLC? That’s even worse than calling out the Babylon Bee.

And lest anyone think that they’ll leave their flagrantly left-wing politics aside while flagging videos, consider that when the conservative Daily Caller directly asked the SPLC about their involvement with YouTube, they wouldn’t respond. Simply ignored them. Amazingly though, SPLC execs had no problem contacting the left-wing Think Progress site and gave them the full scoop.

This is now the nature of YouTube and Facebook’s understanding of fair and balanced.

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For Google to employ the Southern Poverty Law Center to screen the videos, and allow a bunch of social justice warriors to be able to make a complaint, about a video and the video just disappear, tells just how left leaning the company is, and the future doesn't look.


This the the real issue with places like YouTube. They rely on the community to police the content. And of course right wingers flag left wing and left wing flags right wing. Big companies flag reviewers they don't like. In the end your biggest haters get to decide what happens to your content.

Google and Facebook seem to think the answered is just to blanket ban everything under the sun, regardless of context.

Unfortunately I can't think of a good way to fix the system. Maybe youtube should just put a banner on their ads saying that the company running this ad doesn't necessarily endorse the video?

I mean honestly I don't think tide or oreos is intentionally running ads on white supremacist race wars videos.