Young Turks founder blames conservatism for past sexist remarks

(photo credit: Gage Skidmore) Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur claims sexist remarks were made when conservative.

Cenk Uygur, founder of the Young Turks, recently tried to excuse blog posts published early in his career that could easily be construed as sexist and misogynistic, by claiming those posts were written when he was a young(er) and unenlightened conservative. He bravely attributed the inappropriate comments to his own ignorance and immaturity, offering this explanation in an interview with TheWrap:

I had not yet matured and I was still a conservative who thought that stuff was politically incorrect and edgy. When you read it now, it looks really, honestly, ugly. And it’s very uncomfortable to read.

An obvious question the interviewer should have asked Mr. Uygur was whether or not he considers himself mature now that he defines himself as a progressive. On election night, his on-camera meltdown was of epic proportion, as this video demonstrates...


If his rhetoric on election night is what Mr. Uygur considers to be mature and rational speech, I'd hate to see what his writing was like when he was immature and sexist.

Isn''t it both interesting and ironic that more liberals than conservatives have been exposed as sexual predators by the #MeToo movement?

Though I'm not a psychiatrist or medical professional by any stretch of the imagination, I believe this behavior of Mr. Uygur might be a phenomena known as projection.

Massive ego and not so massive brain.

When people are divided into groups, they must be ranked. Otherwise, what is the point of separation? Ranks imply discrimination, of whatever degree. Leftists discriminate as a matter of course.

Interesting! When I've posited that Roy Moore's a changed man 30 years later in life, my blog was blasted!

Before Trump, that explanation would have been pure, undiluted, Grade-A horsepuckey. In the age of Trump....let's just say I can see why he resorted to that excuse.

Mr. Uygur was once a conservative? If he claims that, I would love to know what made him into a lefty? I'd say he has always been a lefty, or nothing, and just wanting to make money on his Youtube Channel.