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You missed one acceptable scenario where you can biblically be one flesh with more than one person. The death of a spouse and marriage to another.

Did Jesus condemn the Samaritan women at the well who had five husbands and the man she lived with was not her husband. No, Jesus offered her the water of life that leads to eternal life. Why do we pretend that politicians are morally upright people? Hillary is just as immoral as Trump. We had a choice between two badly flawed people. I voted for Trump policies over Hillary’s policies and I believe fewer babies will be slaughtered in the womb and their body parts offered on the auction block to the highest bidder. Maybe we should take a break from Trump’s depravity and look at the depravity of a nation that allows babies to be slaughtered in the womb and the parts sold on the auction block, all in the name of choice. This is a kin to the sacrifices made in the high places, on the alter of selfishness.

I get your point and basically agree. But babies and kids that are out of the womb already and all manner of life are killed (state-sanctioned death penalty) all the time, including gun slaughter every day. Known terrorists can buy a gun but can't get on a plane. That's depravity too. But, we are a nation born in violence and killing and maiming people, sometimes for fun and spectacle. So perhaps, we are just part of the long continuum since the founding of the country. Nothing has changed since our origin. Maybe it's time to just accept that its in our nature to kill all the time.

Are you kidding?


I'm sorry, but claiming to be the only sane one, then making the commentary you do is hilarious! "babies and kids..." outside the womb have made choices, decisions on their own volition & need to be responsible for their own actions. There's a huge difference between an innocent baby being ripped apart or saline-smothered then torn from the womb.

Then your foolishness about this country being "formed in violence" really shows your depth of history & reading. There's no country that has ever been that wasn't "formed in violence" for multiple reasons, and I have no idea how you'd put that together with "sometimes for fun and spectacle". If you truly believe what you're saying, then you must be in some DEEP counseling to even walk out the door or open your eyes each morning.