Yes, Trump is Everyone’s President, So He Should Start Acting Like It

Have we just resigned ourselves to the reality of having a president for only half of the country?

It was probably just a coincidence, but I had just finished up a speaking event where I taught on the instruction of James to Christian believers to tame their tongues when I heard the news story about President Trump addressing Dr. Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh at his Mississippi rally.

It provides a startling awareness of the prescience of Biblical wisdom when it is set against the backdrop of man’s imprudence.

Consider James’ warning:

> “No human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.”

And then observe the untamed tongue of the President of the United States as he pointed out Dr. Ford’s confusion over basic facts surrounding her accusation. Those who have defended the president’s provocative riff, including his press secretary, have done so on the basis that what he said was an accurate portrayal of Ford’s testimony.

Whether or not that is the case, are we now resigned to the prospect of having a president for half the country only? Do we not expect the national executive to even attempt a call towards national unity? Please don’t misunderstand this to suggest that I believe President Trump has a duty to compromise on his selection of Brett Kavanaugh. Don’t even think that I’m suggesting he can’t or shouldn’t defend his nominee against unfair attacks or press coverage.

The issue is the manner in which he does those things. It is the way in which he uses his position, his bully pulpit, his tongue.

Senator Ben Sasse surmised the sorry situation appropriately:

> “We all know that the president cannot lead us through this time. We know that he's dispositionally unable to restrain his impulse to divide us. His mockery of Dr. Ford last night in Mississippi was wrong but it doesn't really surprise anyone, it's who he is.”

It remains astounding to me that so many Republicans who, like me, criticized President Obama for his relentlessly divisive rhetoric, are unwilling to recognize and condemn the same conduct in President Trump. Whereas Obama’s was understated, Trump’s is over-the-top. Where Obama’s was covert, Trump’s is unmistakable.

None of this is about condemning President Trump for his positions. Remember, Sasse is voting to confirm Kavanaugh and he undoubtedly feels as though the Democrats have been engaged in shameful smear tactics against the judge. But he is also sensitive to the fact that standing firm on Kavanaugh and against political chicanery does not have to include words that inflame, hurt, agitate, and unnecessarily provoke others.

For months, Republicans have adamantly rebuked “resisting” Democrats and reminded them that whether they like it or not, President Trump is their president. It would be nice if enough of them would also remind President Trump that he should be acting like it.

No. 1-22

WHAT? then is your solution to the 24/7 nearly 3 years of the non-stop laser focus and venom coming from the Left/Progressive/Modern Liberal/Democrat Party/Praetorian Guard Media/Far to many RINO WHIG Do NOTHING Democrat Liters?

Is your solution to just turn the "other c cheek" And prepare for another slap then smile and wait again for another slap?

GW Bush, M Romney and J McCain did exactly that. HOW? well did that work out for them?

In 2015, the longest of the long shots to attain the brass ring of the Presidency rode confidently into the Washington DC Swamp to go face to face with any detractors through Confrontation and a Fight without the Queensbury Rules. From the deep bowels of the Underworld came the soldiers, the "true believers" of a false God with the clarion call to "fundamentally transform America" into something very different from the vision of the Founders, Fram dress, Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

Donald J. Trump was NOT one of them. He spoke not to them but, rarther, directly to We, the People with a message of PROMISES to Make America Great. We, the People listened and millions upon millions voted for him. He spoke their language. We, the People heard his message loud and clear. On Nov ember 6, 2016, Donald J. Trump WON and theLeft/Progressive/Modern Liberal/Democrat Party/Praetorian Guard Media/Far too many RINO WHIG Do NOTHING Democrat Liters freaked out in mass. Battle lines were drawn and the long knives came out pointed directly at Mr. Trump. No Lie was abandoned, no Deceit to far fetched and no amount of Misinformation was too limited.

Donald J. Trump is the ANTI-Aniti-ANTI of EVERYTHING that does not comfortably fit into the malaise of the DC Swamp. He is the anti-Christ even though most of the Left/Progressive/Modern Liberal/Democrat Party/Praetorian Guard Media/Far too many RINO WHIG Do NOTHING Democrat Liters reject GOD. They reject GOD because the IDEOLOGY is their god and Leftism is their Religion practiced with the same zeal as any devout religious individual worships.

Added to this Campbells soup of HATE is the complete DENIAL of Reality where an Collectivist Alternative Reality is constructed to empower the myopic and delusional Utopian vision of creating paradise on Earth. George Orwell in 1984 amply described exactly how Utopia is in fact a Dystopia and a human trap of HELL.

Donald Trump unlike other RINO WHIG Presidents remains on the battle field ready to fight for his and We, the People's Ideas and going toe to toe with the internal enemies of the USA. He has demonstrated that his words do have MEANING and supplies them with the necessary Actions to WIN. The anti-Trumpers in their various disguises riddled with TDS & TAD are incapable of seeing the forest from the single tree (Donald J. Trump) standing before them. Their President is not the President of millions of Americans. As long as the anti-Trumpers delude themselves that ONLY their "purity" is the answer to Donald J. Trump, they will continue to wallow in their own neurotic behavior and envelope Albert Einstein's excellent definition of INSANITY where engaging in the exact same behavior over and over again, each and every time expecting a very different result but ONLY getting the exact same result is INSANE.

Welcome to the definition of what the Left/Progressive/Modern Liberal/Democrat Party/Praetorian Guard Media/Far too many RINO WHIG Do NOTHING Democrat Liters believe is PRESIDENTIAL.


Trumps best strength, much to your dismay, and what resonates with over half of America, is his brutal HONESTY, calling a spade a spade even though everyone else in America has been silenced by the politically correct language of the left. He will not allow the Media to lie, spin, twist, or manipulate the truth to their narrative without Loudly calling it out and I love it. Finally a President that does not put up with the devils mischief that's been coming from the left for so many years.


You can revere the words of Sasse, but Trump is our President, and it would be wise to consider just that. If you don't like "The" President, vote accordingly, next time. What kind of word salad is it when one tries to equate a leader's viability to being only for half of the country he is in charge of? That sounds like a Democrat's point of view, to me. does he do things I don't like? Sure. There has not been a president who had done everything to my liking. So what? I didn't vote for him, but geez, I accept him as my President.

Sasse is only enamored with the camera, like some kind of hopeful oracle. When he starts doing the work of a senator, I'll give him some respect, but, to date, all he has been is to try to become a replacement for another camera hungry senator. There are a couple of them. Take your pick, but one just died, so he is no longer in the running.


Half of Americans are disloyal to the U.S. They kneel during the National Anthem. They side with our competitors. They leak information. So Trump is not the President of the Traitors. This leaves only about Half of the Americans for Trump to be the President of.

Let Putin look out for the traitors.


Well I feel like I have to admit that though I find the man a sociopathic liar and in most all cases a complete fraud, Anthony Wiener with an R. In this case the blind squirrel has found a nut. Ford in the case of the accusations seems to be as false as Don the con is in most cases and that makes his assertions though difficult to hear due to a life time of lying as a recreational sport, never the less correct. Go figure?