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Yes, There are More Impressive Women than Taylor Swift

Maybe her recent Twitter roasting is a wake up call to Americans suffering a toxic inebriation of celebrity.

I’m going to take a wild stab at this and say that Taylor Swift isn’t exactly thrilled that she has become the focus of yet another controversy completely unrelated to anything she’s done or said herself. First, it was the “why hasn’t Taylor Swift given a public dissertation on her political views” social media outrage. Now, it’s the singer finding herself being compared unfavorably to great female heroines of world history.

It started when a Twitter user and apparent TSwift fan named “Nutella” posted an image from her smash hit song “Look What You Made Me Do” with the following challenge:

“Name a b**ch badder than Taylor Swift”

It’s fair to assume that Nutella was probably intending this to be focused on other pop culture icons like Beyonce, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, or Adele. That didn’t happen. Instead it became an online slaughter of Swift’s contributions to the world versus some of the great titans of women’s history. For instance:

  • @goldengateblond: At 15, @Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban for insisting that girls had the right to an education. At 17, she became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in history. At 18, she opened a school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon.
  • @jimgeraghty: Julia Child joined the OSS during World War Two, worked directly for Wild Bill Donovan, developed shark repellant, earned the Emblem of Meritorious Civilian Service for her work at in Chunking, China, THEN mastered French cuisine and became America’s most famous chef.
  • @cjane87: As a child, Harriet Tubman had her skull crushed in by a slave owner, was left w/o medical attention for 2 days, + then was returned to working the fields. She went on to rescue dozens of slaves + be the first woman to lead an armed assault during the CW.
  • @benshapiro: Susan B. Anthony was a leading anti-slavery crusader and worked with Harriet Tubman on the underground railroad. She founded the National Women Suffrage Association and was prosecuted for attempting to vote.

Brutal, particularly since Taylor Swift never compared herself to any of those women, and probably holds each in high regard. If anything, this is a commentary on the state of pop culture’s perspective and self-awareness. So many, as exemplified in jarring detail on social media, lack any substantial or significant historical cognizance or appreciation for events occurring outside the bubble of American entertainment.

That’s why stories about professional athletes and movie stars are more important to us than potential nuclear war with North Korea. It’s why there are actual classes on Beyonce being offered in college course catalogues. It’s why we have a reality TV star elected president after eight years of a celebrity-in-chief.

None of that is Taylor Swift’s fault, of course. But maybe her recent Twitter roasting should serve as a wake up call to a generation of Americans suffering a toxic inebriation of entertainment obsession.

There are more important, more significant things in this world, and they deserve more attention than they currently receive.

Good argument. Yes, poor Swift is the innocent party here. She never invited the exaggerated comparisons. Actually, when I saw the initial comment, my age betrayed me and my mind began rattling off a number of women, much "badder" and more evil than she is... Lizzie Borden, Lucrezia Borgia, and Hillary Clinton immediately leapt to mind.

So a fangirl thinks Taylor Swift is really cool and badass and guys like Ben Shapiro and Jim Geraghty decide to treat it like an after school special. Personally it doesn't sound like "Nutella" is the one with skewed or curious priorities.


Maybe admiration comes from just not being a degenerate or offensive. That seems to be enough today.

Taylor Swift is a singer. Though I've never heard her tell a joke, I'm also certain that she's funnier than Joy Behar.

@Diogenes: I did the same thing!! And, I agree with Jack_Krevin. Nutella was just expressing her view that Swift is a badass singer. No more, no less. A bunch of people got their panties in a wad over nothing.

I think the "nut" in "nutella" is rather appropriate.
I've never thought TS was that great if a singer, but there are numerous stories about her doing wonderful things for fans and strangers. She should rightfully be commended for those.