Yes, PLEASE leave us on Daylight Savings Time!!!

Everybody hates the time change. So, why do we keep doing it?

Today, Florida Senator Marco Rubio introduced a bill to leave America on Daylight Savings Time permanently.

And there was great rejoicing throughout the land.

I posted this story on my Facebook page and it's getting bipartisan agreement. Judging from my friends comments the only thing that would be more popular than ending the semi-annual clock change would be calorie free Oreos or the Sweet Meteor of Death taking out the entire Kardashian clan.

Daylight Savings Time is one of those issues that absolutely EVERYONE agrees on. We hate it. We hate remembering to change our clocks twice a year. We hate the toll it takes on our biological clocks. And twice a year everyone complains about it and pundits opine that we need to stop it. But six months later, we're doing it again.

It was a stupid idea to begin with. There's no proof that it ever saved energy. Some states never adhered to it. Arizona and Hawaii stay on Standard Time.

There have been proposals to eliminate DST over the years, but Rubio hit on the genius idea of STAYING ON DST. I think most people hate going back and forth, but actually prefer having more daylight after 5PM. Especially people who live up north. My niece in Wisconsin commented "I don't care if it stays dark until noon. But getting dark at 4PM is SOOOOOO DEPRESSING!"

I'll never forget my first semester away at college. I grew up outside of Atlanta where it's still light until at least 6PM even in Winter. But after DST ended, I notice that it would be dark by 4:00! I thought I was losing my mind. The worst part was that nobody believed me. "It gets dark the same time everywhere," one of my friends informed me. I finally called my mother one afternoon and asked her "Is it dark there yet?" "No," she replied. "Why?"

Turns out it DOESN'T get dark at the same time everywhere. The further north you go, the less daylight you have in Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway.) And the further east you are in your time zone, the earlier it gets dark.

That was what I found most depressing about living in New England. It wasn't the cold. It wasn't the snow. It was the DARK.

I wish Senator Rubio luck with his legislation. Let's hope that the Senator from "The Sunshine State" can let us enjoy more of it. At least after work.

I personally don't care. The time changes have never affected me. I do prefer DST. However, this would give those who claim we are becoming isolationist another real issue to rant about. American would be on one set of time an hour out of phase with (most of) the rest of the world.

I've been saying this for years. AZ & HI change once to get into their correct zones and we all stay on DST.

Frankly, I don't care whether we choose standard or daylight time, just pick one and stay with it. The change is the problem, not the time chosen.

I hate Daylight Saving Time (DST). I'm a morning person and like to run before going to work. It sucks bad enough to carry a flashlight in the middle of winter but just as it's getting light enough in the morning to not carry a flashlight, along comes DST. Back into the dark abyss I go for another two months . . .

Abolish DST and resume using natural time ONLY!!