Yes, Mike Pence Has Seen a Gay Person Before

The issue isn't with Mike Pence. It's with those who refuse to tolerate men like him.

Given that President Trump’s actually far friendlier to the LGBT political lobby than anyone in media would have you believe (read more on just how friendly here), it presents the leftists in charge of that agenda with a real problem. One of Saul Alinsky’s rules for advancing any revolutionary cause is to identify your enemy, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Trump’s hospitable attitude towards the gay political crusade makes him a severely imperfect enemy.

Enter Mike Pence.

Trump’s Vice President has identified himself for years as a “Christian, conservative, and Republican, in that order.” It makes him the perfect foil for LGBT activists who historically exhibit an aggressive hostility towards Christianity. Add to his stoic, conventional demeanor the fact that as Governor of Indiana Pence signed a law to protect people of faith from being bullied into violating their rights of conscience (a virtual restatement of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution), and he has become public enemy number one for the sexual revolutionaries of the left.

If it’s not being condescendingly lectured to by the very stage actors he just finished giving a standing ovation to, it’s nonsense like this:

Derek Milman wasn’t the only one who dunked on Pence for this photo. AOL laughed at the “stare down.” Huffington Post applauded the “side-eye.” Mashable suggested the look “sentenced Pence to life.”

First of all, it’s not even accurate. Jones’ son is clearly looking at his mom. But even if he was staring at Pence, why does that matter? Jones’ son shows intolerance for a Christian who disagrees with him on sexual morality, and that is supposed to reflect poorly on Pence? It’s bizarre.

Just like it was inexplicable why it became national news that a group of sexual radicals in Aspen hung a “Make America Gay Again” sign to welcome Pence over Christmas break.

There seems to be a strange, emerging attempt on the part of LGBT activists to paint social conservatives in general, and Christians in particular as having never been exposed to gay people before. Apparently the left has decided that the only reason a Christian could oppose the LGBT political agenda is if they (1) have never met a gay person, (2) have never been exposed to ideas that are different than their own, and (3) have an unnatural contempt for people who don’t fit their own concept of what is moral.

To any fair minded, rational person, these premises are the height of absurdity. The promotion of the gay identity is everywhere in American society. Short of living in a Cold War era bunker in the middle of Wyoming, it would be impossible to avoid exposure to it even if one wanted to. Secondly, conservative Christianity is hardly the prevailing spirit of the age these days. From school textbooks, to magazines in the grocery store check-out aisle, to every college lecture, to every television show produced in the last decade, politically conservative Christians are consistently exposed to ideas that are different than their own.

And thirdly, it is the definition of irony that the same movement that alleges they are the victims of intolerance from people like Pence conduct themselves in this manner. They apparently don’t even realize their own views of what is moral have caused them to dismiss and denigrate people like Pence with an unnatural contempt. All for not viewing the world as they do.

It’s not that as a Christian, Mike Pence struggles to understand or tolerate a gay person in his presence. It’s that so many in the LGBT activist community refuse to understand or tolerate men like Pence in theirs.

"There seems to be a strange, emerging attempt on the part of LGBT activists to paint social conservatives in general, and Christians in particular as having never been exposed to gay people before." Comversely, how many gays and social liberals have not been exposed to God and His plan for their lives, and I will add how many of the would willingly allow themselves to be exposed to anything that is Christian or conservative. More Christians will welcome those who are gay, or, or, or, but how many Liberals will even be willing to listen to the thoughts of Christians and/or conservatives. Many times their anger is because someone has an opinion opposite of theirs. It would be interesting to compare the look on the son's face vs the look on V.P Pences face. I am willing to bet that Pence is not scowling at the son.

The main problem is NOT addressing the fraud within most "churches" today that either try to make others accept sexual sins as part of God, as well as the hypocrites claiming to be "Christians," and may call out homosexuality quite easily as not of God, but to forget that God gave His blessing FIRST to marriage of a man and women...and AFTER married the gift of God of pleasure and creating between husband and wife a family....But we don't live in a perfect world because of the interactions sin brought. Instead, the majority who claim to serve Jesus are "Carnal Christian's" where their words hardly ever interact with the New Covenant Jesus gave us, and who sat with sinners to show them, as well as just listen to what they have to say. The way we respond to that interaction, will either give us a way to connect and share our concern...or hold up signs of hate, for example a church that really isn't a church at all but just an ignorant family not really knowing what their talking about, with anger and hate. There isn't a plastic bendable Jesus that succumbs to our will and fleshly nature. There never was, with Jesus many times calling out the men He handpicked to continue His line, per grace and not blood, Brothers and Sisters in Christ. To get a Great Awakening, there has to first be a Great Excommunication within all "churches," and all the majority these days see is what they are willing to face, but not looking in the mirror first.....Somehow we usually start pointing our fingers at others because that is easier to blame others than the roll we play as well. Having lived in an apartment over a homosexual couple, some may think I should go downstairs with fire and brimstone. No, that's supposed to be WITHIN "Churches," which isn't a building per the eyes of God. It's those who claim to be Followers of Jesus....But excommunications have been stagnant and instead "Churches" split claiming the same thing. "Their" the "True Followers." The first time I encountered the homosexual couple, I introduced myself and they asked me if I was a "Christian." I told them, "No. I'm a Follower of Jesus," which led to them asking me, "What's the difference"? I then just say, "The word Christian was created in those that mocked Jesus and His Followers and has been so perverted with fraud, carnal and plastic "Christians" that sadly most, even myself, got a lot wrong because they, and I, didn't spend time within Jesus giving us all guidance and warnings I would face. This led to many afternoons of playing chess with one of these men almost every week, discussing a deeper understanding that I didn't hate him, I hated the fact he lived the lifestyle he did, but that was his choice, and all I could do would try to answer questions he asked, or tell him, "I don't want to give you the wrong answer. Let me ask the same question to someone that knows more than I do within the Bible." By doing so, I left the door open....But if he was within the church I went to, I would then, if he claimed to be a "Christian," I would call him out....But, at that time, I didn't call out those that had sex before marriage? It took me years to realize what a hypocrite I was in so many ways. And It's a life long project to not be a hypocrite in some ways. At least I knew I had a lot to learn about so many sides of life, and no better than me as a man of sin. Only by the Grace of Jesus do I have that chance to be a Follower. When we do that and force the media and immoral secular standards to see the difference in why it is better to be a Follower of Jesus, we lose more and more chances through our ignorance in not really looking at how Jesus treated ANYONE around Him, for the fact He was/is sinless. It even gets harder as a more militant and twisting secular society "baits and switches" us to play their game. We have to get off that board, and instead pick up what is on most shelves with dust on top and all sides. The Word of God, and yes, I include myself in many ways as well, meaning we all have some serious reading, which brings knowledge, which brings wisdom, which brings discernment and much closer to "Christ-like" than "Carnal-like." I know this is long, but I know I needed to write this for myself alone...and maybe a couple more people struggling in their walk with Jesus. I am in no way perfect, and only by what Jesus did. A way to be allowed into His Glorious Kingdom. God Bless.

@ DaGeek Why wouldn't they reproduce? The first and only real law is "you will obey the will of the tribe or you will be removed from it." The will of the tribe would be that you produce children to keep the tribe strong. The tribe wouldn't care about your sexual preference, especially if you were female. For my part, I believe homosexuality has a biological basis and I wish it didn't. At the rate science is expanded, there are going to be a lot of "cures" becoming available for a lot of "conditions." Maybe scientists will find the gene sequence for homosexuality. And then soon after find a way to stop it from expression. God may have created a person to be gay, but soon science will be able to "correct" God's "mistakes." Don't want your kid to be black or female? It can be fixed. Heck there'll probably be a market for treatments that let people go "gay for a day."

This is why there's absolutely no point in working with Democrats on anything. Mike Pence actually shut down pro-Religious Freedom/Anti-Gay laws as Indiana's Governor and now Liberals are saying he's the second coming of Joe McCarthy for it. So why bother throwing them a bone if they're just going to say you're not throwing one at all?

@ FloridaMan Would you want a bone or the whole steak? Everyone on both sides wants the steak. The only accept the bone if that's all they can get.