Wow: Nikki Haley Masterfully Undresses UN Over Their Treatment of Israel

Haley gave a long-deserved reprimand to the anti-Israel corruptocracies that dominate the UN and its Security Counsel.

When he wasn’t busy tweeting images of President Trump under crosshairs, CNN’s Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza was claiming to break the news that Vice President Mike Pence is positioning himself for a presidential run in 2024. I’m not sure how much this factoid is either news or breaking, but it undoubtedly got clicks and attention which was the point of the story.

Supposing that this bit of breaking news is in fact the common sense that most of us already anticipated, Pence may find himself upstaged by someone else continuing their own presidential preparedness exercises – UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Unlike Pence, whose job requires him to regularly offer fealty to the President, and as Cillizza’s story pointed out is always on a short leash when it comes to personal posturing and reputation building (no one shows up the king), Haley is largely free to make a name for herself. And that’s exactly what she’s doing, showing more fortitude and guts in the halls of that corrupt international body than America has seen in decades.

Most recently, Haley gave a long-deserved reprimand to the anti-Israel corruptocracies that dominate the UN and its highly vaunted Security Council:

Speaking to the Council, calmly yet firmly, Haley criticized the United Nations' tolerance for violence against Israel, asking her colleagues whether they would accept this kind of behavior from any other nation if the target wasn't the Jewish people, and blaming the terrorist organization, Hamas, for both inciting the violence, and using Palestinians as human shields.

“Let's remember that the Hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years, long before the United States decided to move our embassy,” Haley told the U.N. “This is what is endangering the people of Gaza. Make no mistake, Hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday.”

It's no secret that she’s right. But what’s remarkable is that she actually said this. The world is not used to such candor, blunt honesty, and fearless defense of Israel from the United States. For decades, in the name of peace, we have delicately tiptoed around publicly identifying and shaming the Palestinian terror cells that make peace in Gaza and all of the Middle East a fantasy.

The evidence of Hamas-sponsored terror even in the face of continued concessions from Israel has always been plentiful. But the United States sat on it, ignored it, or downplayed it thinking that appeasing militants would lead to peace and a “two-state solution.” That strategy has not worked, Haley knows it, and has declared a new day.

Haley added, in graphic detail, a description of how Hamas uses civilians to disguise terrorist activity, tying Molotov cocktails to kite strings and encouraging protesters to encroach on Israel's borders, issuing demands over loudspeakers and bullhorns — and then excoriated the Security Council for condemning Israel for defending its borders.

“No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has. In fact, the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained,” Haley said.

Much less indeed. If this rock-solid performance of shaming the theocrats, tyrannies, imams, and pot-bellied dictators who now run the show at the UN wasn’t already a thing of beauty, Haley delivered one more message to them not through her words but through her walk:

Haley then left the chamber before the Palestinian delegation, there to complain about Israel's "unjustified" behavior and "indiscriminate" killing, began their presentation.

Nikki Haley thinks the UN should be a place where honest brokers pursue peace in our world. When it devolves back into the circus sideshow it so often is, Haley has signaled she has no desire to participate. That’s exactly as it should be.

I always wonder what Israel could do that would make its supporters criticise it.

If we had a state in America whose people were completely controlled by another state. Whose water and travel were restricted. Where you can't even vote or be citizens of the occupying government.

Would you accept that? No.

This is basically what happened to Ireland during the troubles. This is not new. Democratic countries should not occupy other countries in the name of national security. That's insane.

Except, "Palestine" is not a country and has never been one. People who leave their land to fight for an invading force lose their property. (A law older than the Bible). And the word "Palestinian" didn't exist before the 7 Day War. There is no "state" just a collection of 70 year old refugee camps, if they want a state they could have had one time and again but they left the table in hate!


True. Also, where were Jordan and the other Arab states before Israel became a nation in 1948? Ignoring the Palestinians. Not a peep of complaint, showing it's all a grossly hypocritical farce about Palestinians "suffering," just an excuse for endless antisemitic bigotry. Any who accuse Israel for Palestinian problems are antisemitic bigots that continually should be laughed at and then ignored for their disgusting, degenerate hypocrisy in simultaneously failing to condemn the Arabs for doing nothing for Palestinians before 1948, showing it's all only about antisemitic bigotry, not giving a rip about the Palestinian people; the Palestinians themselves want it that way, suffering and dying as martyrs for antisemitic bigotry as their sick false religion of the illiterate, bigoted pervert Mohammad demands of them.


Well that is because the Arabs dislike the Palestinians just slightly less than the Jews. They are happy that the Palestinians are the Jews problem and not theirs. As long as they are upset at the Jews they won't be coming for the Arabs,!


BenjaminD: Gaza is not occuplied by Israel nor is it a state of Israel. As a matter of fact Israel ended it's long standing military occuplation of the Gaza strip back on 2005 in one of it's many attempts to find grounds for peace with the Palestinians. What did they get in return? Hamas is elected as governing body who wants to destroy Israel and more missiles launched in to Israel. You should really do some research in to the background of the Israely-Palestinian conflict. We in the US cannot understand living in a country the size of New Jersey with countries all around us that want to destroy us and are willing to die for the cause.


Reality screams out at the United Nations but those Representatives of the vast Majority of the 192 Nations wear ear plugs and put on Blinders. They pretend that they are Diplomates. They are NOTHING more then IDEOLOGUES committed to an IDEOLOGY that demands 100% compliance. On the list of enemies ranking number1 is the state of Israel. It is always Israel this, Israel that and Israel whatever. Ambassador Haley is a refreshing taste of Reality as Reality.

Completely agree with Maelstrom. Arab countries know that Palestinians are trash and don't want them either. Use them as a cudgel against Israel, sure. Welcome and support them, not so much, except to put up appearances.

Nikki Haley 2020!!


The UN is a thoroughly corrupt organization that should be dissolved or at least thrown out of the USA.

If the primary for 2020 were held today Nikki would be my choice over Pence who my in estimation would go along with the RINO’s. She showed she was a conservative governor. She has the credentials to president. Needless to say, Nikki puts Samantha Powers to shame.