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Will Al Franken Get the Roy Moore Treatment?

The GOP says that Moore is unfit to serve because of his alleged treatment of women. Where does that leave Al Franken.

KABC news radio anchor Leeann Tweeden just published an explosive story in which she not only alleges that Minnesota Senator Al Franken groped her sexually against her will, she actually has a photograph to prove it:

The alleged assault took place back in 2006, before Franken had been elected to the senate and while he and Tweeden were on a USO tour in the Middle East. Tweeden also accused the former SNL funnyman of pressuring her into a kiss by writing it into a skit they were to perform and then insisting that they rehearse it. When rehearsal time came around, however, Tweeden says that Franken “aggressively stuck his tongue“ in her mouth.

It was after spurning his advances that Franken purportedly groped Tweeden while she was asleep during the flight home. Franken apparently had a photographer take a picture of him in the act, which ended up on a CD given to Tweeden to commemorate the trip.

Given the photographic evidence, there can be little doubt as to what happened. The question, however, is what the Senate leadership will do now that they have been given concrete evidence of Franken’s misconduct. Will he be given a pass—or will he be subjected to the same standards that are being applied to Roy Moore, who also stands accused of sexual harassment and assault?

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Cory Gardner—who is a Senator himself—has already stated plainly what should happen if Moore wins election next month. “I believe the individuals speaking out against Roy Moore spoke with courage and truth,“ he said, “proving he is unfit to serve in the United States Senate and he should not run for office. If he refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.”

I’d venture that groping a woman who is dead asleep doesn’t meet those requirements either. So this puts the Senate in a rather tight spot. If they don’t move to expel Franken, given the photographic evidence against him, how can they do the same to Moore when they only have the testimony of his alleged victims?

The answer is clear. Franken needs to resign immediately, and if he refuses to go the Senate needs to dump him.

The title of your column is a fine example of the "rhetorical question." We all know the answer as soon as it is posed. There's no question that liberals are actively shielded from negative consequences by the left-leaning media. Even honest liberals admit this is true. In this case, his assault will be minimized and any additional voices will be suppressed (e.g. denied coverage). The vast majority of the press will ignore the matter matter--in direct contrast to the cases of conservatives about whom there is the slightest whiff of rumor.

The correct answer, I think, is this:

Let the voters decide.

In Minnesota as well as in Alabama.

I think the double standard to which progressive leftists are accustomed is about to be tested. How Sen. Franken is treated will be the new standard to which all future sexual harassers will be subjected. Senate leadership, the people are watching!

They will have an "investigation". Then they will census Frankenen. By then, the Alabam race will be over, so their hypocracy won't be on display. Then Franken will continue like nothing happened.

Franken and Moore are two different tales. One has photographic evidence that cannot be denied. The other doesn't have squat. The one piece of "evidence" they have, is garbage. They won't turn it over. A person with no training can look at the signature and note and see multiple problems with that being written by the same person, at the same time. Plus Moore presided over her divorce in 1999, yet she claims she had no contact with him since 1977. The Nelson story is garbage. That doesn't discredit the others, but it boils it down to one allegation of misconduct, alleged by one person. And of course no evidence.

The Senate will not kick Franken out because half of them have probably done the same or worse, and they gear that they would be next.

As weird as this sounds, I doubt Franken actually groped her - at least in the above instance. He clearly knows the camera is there and he's posing for what he sees as a funny picture. I think the picture is a thing where something considered funny/acceptable then clearly isn't now. I'd say that formal censure actually is appropriate here. As for Moore, the stuff he's accused of doing has never been acceptable and goes considerably further than anything Franken has done. The irony here is that Franken will very likely receive at least some punishment for his actions while Moore likely will not.

Tweeden says that before the photo happened, Franken grabbed her and forcibly kissed her--with tongue. The photo was just icing on the cake, meant to humiliate her after she'd been assaulted. Guys with normal wiring simply don't DO that. If Moore is unfit for the Senate, then Franken is too.