Why Is the Media Slow to Cover Iran? Two Words: Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s horrific foreign policy blunder is being exposed and his biggest fans in media are embarrassed.

Why in the world would they not cover it? That was the question that virtually anyone paying attention to world news was asking about CNN’s apparent decision to give minimal airtime to the freedom protests taking place on the streets of Iran. It seemed to make no logical sense whatsoever.

It’s certainly newsworthy. As citizens of Iran are marching and shouting, “We don’t want an Islamic Republic,” storming the mansions of their oppressors, and the Iranian government is responding by cutting the internet and beating civilians, CNN spent two days covering a box truck blocking their camera shot of Donald Trump playing golf.

And they’re not alone.

The New York Times calls the uprisings, “scattered protests over Iran’s economic woes.”

The Washington Post, who gave themselves the self-congratulatory slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” for their supposed stalwart opposition to Donald Trump, has left democracy-minded protesters to linger in darkness, at least on their pages.

ABC News actually ran a headline that read, “Thousands rally in support of Iranian government.”

What in the world is going on? On the surface, after all, it makes no sense.

  • Iran is an oppressive theocracy and mainstream media is never hesitant to decry the rise of so-called “Christian theocracy” in America.
  • Many of the protestors were remarkably courageous women, literally risking their lives to take off the hijab to demand rights and equality. Mainstream media loves to pretend it champions women.
  • Iran is a regime that silences and imprisons journalists who dare to tell any truth not complimentary of the government. Since the election of Trump, mainstream media has been in a constant state of panic over perceived threats to the free press.
  • Iran sentences those who are caught practicing homosexual relations to death, including throwing them off cliffs. Every major news organization employs high-profile anchors who have outed themselves as gay, and they all claim to be “LGBT friendly.”

From almost every angle imaginable, this story would seem to be right up the media's alley. Yet for an uncomfortably lengthy amount of time, the left-leaning news organizations refused to show any video, ran headlines about counter protests in favor of the Iranian tyranny, and tried at times to make the story about Donald Trump. What?

It isn’t about Trump. It’s about Iranian freedom. It’s about women who were free, professional, independent, and happy before the Islamic Revolution turned them into scarfed servants.

It’s about this woman staring down the Revolutionary Guard, refusing to leave, and saying “I’d rather die right here.” That’s Rosa Parks on steroids, and yet the media won’t run her video?

So what gives? Two words: Barack Obama.

The mainstream press, for as much as they pretend to favor all these causes represented on the streets of Iran, they favor one thing far more: the legacy of Barack Obama. Covering these protests means outing the reality that the false narrative their favorite president spun in order to make one of the most catastrophic arms deals in world history is literally collapsing before our eyes.

The Barack Obama line has been that President Trump’s threat to withdraw from the disastrous Obama/Iran nuclear “deal” is causing support for the Ayatollah and the Iranian regime to grow. It is clearly the precise opposite. Iranians are emboldened and are taking to the streets shouting “Death to the Dictator! Mullahs Must Get Lost!”

These protests reveal the utter failure of the Obama/Biden/Ben Rhodes caricature of Iran. Obama told us he was making a deal with the “moderates” there. Instead, he gave plane loads of American taxpayer cash to the radical Islamists. The Iranian people now sense an opportunity to overthrow the jackals ruining their lives without encountering counterproductive legitimacy given to the Ayatollah by foolish American leadership.

The mainstream media is reluctantly being forced to cover the events in Iran, even if not honestly. But there should be no mistake why they are dragging their feet. Barack Obama’s horrific foreign policy blunder is being exposed.

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Before I get started—Jules, you’re suffering from a British affectation about using plural verbs, which is fine as long as you don’t get all preachy about it. Just chill, OK? — — Now then… There is much that could be said about the progressive-left news media’s complicit behavior—sins of commission and omission—during the Obama presidency. But simply put, they have painted themselves into a corner, and now have no means of escape without leaving irrefutable evidence of their proactive bias.


You all said what needed to be said about the bias in the media. Now can we start to use the word properly? "Media" is a plural, of the word "medium". We have a print medium, a television medium, a radio medium, etc. The plural is "media" and it is like fingernails on a blackboard to constantly see "media IS" . The media "are" doing this, that or the other, the media will have to destroy "themselves", etc. esotericwy is right, Leftism is a religion, one which allows no other gods before it, and it demands absolute loyalty and commitment. When our media are run by Leftists, we get examples of them using their power to advance their dogma and undermine its opposition.


Great article Peter. Once again the lefts hypocrisy is on full display.


More than just Hussein Obama.... Jimmy Carter initiated the Mullah Tyranny, because the Shah was harsh on the Islamofascists . But Iranians were Free to pursue their personal liberty more under the Shah than the Mullahs. Billy Clinton, and the Bushies only enabled the Islamofascists to expand throughout the Middle East (as well as SE Asia). An inquiring mind might think it was all pre-planned especially with the second phase of muslim invasion of Europe. But I'm sure CNN is going to avoid any newz that is unfavorable to their NWO leaders.


I would concur that protecting Batak Obamas high on the Priority list of the Praetorian Guard Media (MarkLevin). But, I have come to the conclusion that the Progressive IDEOLOGY is a Religion to them and MUST be secured ataxy and all threats. The "true believers" and fellow travelers walk in lockstep to their Collective belief that they and only they can through their Utopian vision can create Paradise on Earth where they rule with all the power and control making ALL the decisions and Choices for everyone else.Any typeof opposition is deemed EVIL. It then MUST be destroyed, therefore, allowing Lying, Deceiving and Misinforming as the weapons of choice.