Why I'm Pro-Life

I have the right - but that's not why.

Since the other side likes to toss about the word “right” to further their cause, I’m going to reclaim it for pro-lifers. Many millions of people are pro-life, but there are a handful of folks around the world who can actually claim a living right to be so.

I am one of them.

Although my story may not be as spectacular as that of Gianna Jessen – who is living quite the life despite the botched abortion attempt that nearly ended it – it is still a testament to the Grace and Divine intervention of an Almighty God.

It was the summer of 1967, and upon hearing that his unwed daughter had become pregnant by a man several years older, my maternal grandfather scheduled an appointment with the local doctor. During that visit, he asked the doctor to schedule an abortion. The doctor replied that it was too late; based on the expected due date, the pregnancy was too far along.


I was born about 6 weeks past the due date given by the doctor. Either he was wrong or he lied. Regardless which it was – there’s no way that either of those things would happen today.


I was adopted by a family who wanted nothing more than to have a child. They loved and nurtured me as their own, but never hid the truth from me. I don’t know when they first told me I was adopted, but it must have been very early, as I do not recall a time when I did not know.

The family I obtained through adoption means more than any of my worldly possessions. My mom and grandmother helped me learn to read very early, and my grandparents’ rich family history taught me to take pride in things like family honor, a well-respected name, and a sound Christian heritage.

I had a great upbringing. Educated in a good school. Met the perfect mate, and with her made our own amazing family. All of these things explain why I say that I have a living right to be pro-life.


That’s not WHY I’m pro-life.

I’m pro-life because it sickens me to the core to even think of purposely taking the life of the most innocent human beings.

I’m pro-life because I cannot imagine being so concerned with my own selfish desires as to allow someone to physically rip my progeny to shreds.

I’m pro-life because the very notion of parenthood implies that parents sacrifice their own interests for the welfare of the child.

I’m pro-life because abortion traps women in a world where reckless and careless men use them and discard them on a whim.

And finally – above all else – I’m pro-life because man is the ONLY creature in ALL the universe created after the image of God himself.

If December 7, 1941 – the day a foreign power drew us into war by killing 2402 Americans – was indeed a day “that will live in infamy”, how much more so the day on which THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT officially sanctioned the killing of more than 60,000,000 of its own future citizens over a 45-year period?

For those 2402 we went to war. For those 60 million, I AM PRO-LIFE.

This post was originally published at AReasoningFaith.com. It has been edited for this forum.

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If anyone is thinking about a scientific reason, think that only a force beyond human can create life, the miracle when sperm joins to egg, and that after that life outside the womb is by the mere passage of time. To interrupt the post-conception event is to take the life that is destined to occur, ie, to murder that life.


Great story. We named our adopted daughter Gianna; not because of this story, but because it was a mixture of the name they had given her at the orphanage - Gia - and my mother - Anna - whose birthday she shared. It was only after we had adopted her we heard about this Gianna.


How many women have great remorse the "morning after", with or without the possiblity of a pregnancy. And we rarely hear of the damage that is done to many women who find that the man they thought loved them was just using them. When a child is conceived as a result, she is the one who carries the burden. With our ever loosening moral mores many people think of sex as a form of recreation rather than creation of another human being, and countless lives lay in ruin because of it.

John R
John R

I, too, share a similar story although, to my knowledge, my birth mother didn't consider abortion an option. Nor did she each of the following three times she became pregnant...all by her early twenties.

But, beyond the three adoptive siblings with whom I grew up, I see the benefits that adoption provides to children and parents through the nearly two-dozen family and friends who are adoptees or adoptive parents. Including the two biological sisters with whom I share a birth mother and, more recently, a familial relationship.



GTJohn - Always good to hear from a fellow Ramblin' Wreck fan! Thank you for sharing your story.