"Who are you wearing?" "Amazon!"

Affable Mitt Romney does not disappoint at the Met Gala

While celebrities attending the annual Met Gala attempted to outdo themselves by dressing in expensive Catholic-inspired clothing which bordered on the obscene and sacrilegious (Rhianna showed up in a mitre, and Katy Perry wore angel's wings), Mitt Romney decided to attend in an understated manner.

According to the NY Times:

Mr. Romney was wearing a Brioni tuxedo, size 40 long, that he had found — “Don’t you dare!” interrupted Mrs. Romney — on deep discount on Amazon.

While some commentators seem to be amused that Romney wore a tux he ordered off the Internet, it is actually endearing and fits in well with his personality. Romney may not come across as the most exciting person in the world, nor the flashiest, but he has a reputation for being competent and measured. The fact that he did not engage in conspicuous consumption to attend the Met Gala (which he also admitted he barely knew about), demonstrates his grounded nature.

No. 1-2

Now that serial lying and buffoonery are three dimensional chess, once you bow the knee and kiss baal. Mushy Mitt looks like a genius.


Good for him. I bet he also didn't go on unhinged anti-Amazon Twitter rant written in broken English that makes the author sound like a complete nutcase.