When you have Senator Booker believing he is Spartacus, Senator Warren believing she is an Indian, Jake Tapper & Chuck Todd believing they are Journalists, Hillary Clinton believing she is not a "Deplorable" and Barak Obama believing he is relevant then WHY would you expect the Paper of record who denied the existence of the Holocaust getting ANYTHING correct?

Chuck Todd egging on the Praetorian Guard Media (Mark Levin) to start fighting back is a page out of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. For over a year and a half, the pretend "Golden Age of Media" (Jake Tapper), have on a 24/7 Loop been on a front assault targeting the President with Lies, Deceit and Misinformation. Honest journalism can ONLY be found on a milk Carton and those cartons have become Collector items.

Mark Levin has recently asked WHAT qualifies an individual to be a Journalist? Far too many NEVER attended a Journalism school. A large number come from Politics and specifically from the Democrat Party where they played key roles. HOW? does that make them Objective observers of what is happening to then report NEWS. Rather, they start out with a little bit of News that instantly turns into a Opinion Commentators.

Half the country are either "Deplorable and/or gun and religious clingers who are ONLY the back end of a joke.

The Media is demonstrating that they have completely turned their backs on News and see their current job to be IDEOLOGICALLY driven. That IDEOLOGY doesn't respect or honor anyone who disagrees with them or would be bold enough to point out their hypocrisy. They see that opposition as EVIL. The EVIL must be destroyed regardless of the costs.

If you have been so daring to watch TV/Cable News or pick up a copy of the NYT or Washington Post, both a part of the Washington DC Swamp Rats then you have seen exactly how far over the cliff News they have jumped.

A very destructive hurricane has been heading toward the Carolinas. WHAT? does the Media report? They are NOT focused on the hurricane. Rather, their long knives are out and like a laser they are pointed at Donald Trump. President Trump is responsible. Digest that for a moment. After dumping heavy rains with bullet speed winds they immediately then jump over to the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico where the bad guy is Donald Trump.. They ignore all the Facts and go into their usually blah Blah BLAH which is littered with zero relevant information. This is Journalism? I think not.

The Democrat Party along with their PR Firm/SuperPac, the Media, have become totally incapable of seeing the forest from the tree. That President Trump has become the tree is obsessively fixed upon and explains so much.

How dare he call them out for their #FakeNews. How dare the President want to be President. How dare the President want to Make America Great.

Donald J Trump is Donald J Trump. The Left simply cannot accept that Reality. He is not one of them He is not a Swamp Rat. He is not a propoentent of "business as usual".