What CNN's Jake Tapper said to graduates would be beneficial to everyone

CNN host Jake Tapper delivered points that could also be advantageousness to all

Tis the season for college commencement addresses. Bright mornings give to warm spring afternoons where graduates in their black gowns gather on green quads to reflect on the past and ponder about the future. While handing out honorary degrees, many colleges and universities welcome to the rostrum a well-known speaker to part wisdom on the future torchbearers of society. Some special guests will speak about their life experiences while others read rhymes from the great commencement theologian Dr. Seuss. In the era of 24/7 news cycles, bombardment amounts of information, comfort pets, and safe spaces, one would hope that a keynote speaker's communication would help refine and mature its listeners.

Last weekend, during its celebratory event, the University of Massachusetts Amherst actually had one such speaker. With the Class of 2018 gathered, CNN host Jake Tapper delivered points of wisdom that not only benefited graduates in attendance but could also be advantageousness to our greater population.

The host of "State of the Union" and "the Lead" encouraged the audience that they, "should avoid only listening to the politicians or the news media, and in some cases, the members of their family or their friends with whom they agree. Resist the temptation to subject yourself only to that which reaffirms what you already think."

Tapper went on urging the graduates to be critical thinkers.

"People decide about an article's validity based only on its headline or the language in the tweet linking to it. They judge books by their covers. I urge you to read the story. I urge you to think for yourself. I urge you to click the link."

Finally, Tapper spoke at length about the importance of civility and decency when many are turning to hatred and a disrespect for others.

"Nastiness and mockery and meanness sometimes seem as if they're spreading like a contagion. I realize that the nation right now is not exactly getting a crash course in exemplary behavior," he said. "We are in a time now where we cannot look to Washington to exemplify the standards of behavior we want to teach our children. Be nice to each other. Embrace the humanity of everyone, especially those you don't understand. You know what takes effort? Being kind. Being patient. Being respectful."

If just one graduate in attendance applied what Tapper spoke about, our society would actually be better off. How different would our our nation be if we all started treating others better? Imagine what progess could be made if those on the right and left stepped outside comfort zones and interacted more with those whom they disagreed with.

Tapper did not specifically describe the Fruits of the Spirit directory, (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) however many of his words shared the same characteristics.

If indeed we all like the graduates are "off to great places,” may we remember the words of Jake Tapper as we "get on our way!”

I love this! You made my day. Thanks.

Mr. Tapper should take his own advice. From his tweeter feed I see mockery, loathing, towing the one ideology line and boastfulness. However, on this account he speaks the truth.

It's really hard to teach our young people courtesy and tolerance when our commander in chief is a bully and a bigot. Trump sets the tone for the rest of the nation. Unfortunately it's a tone of rudeness and intolerance.

It's really hard to teach our young people courtesy and tolerance when our commander in chief is a bully and a bigot. Trump sets the tone for the rest of the nation. Unfortunately, it's a tone of rudeness and intolerance.

@napleslover....liberals and the media have been acting like Trump since Reagan was POTUS. Trump just has the guts to return their fire so to speak. Where was your concern back then?

napleslover - the amount of vituperation emanating from the left precedes by decades the snarky tweets of Mr. Trump.

napleslover - the amount of vituperation emanating from the left precedes by decades the snarky tweets of Mr. Trump.

napleslover - here are some examples of Progressive 'tolercance':
In his memoir Dreams from My Father, he described Gerald Kellman, the first boss he had as a community organizer: “Still, there was something about him that made me wary. A little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.” Obama had once positioned his own grandmother as the moral equivalent of the racist and anti-Semitic Jeremiah Wright, his pastor for two decades. He went on to dub her a “typical white person.”

Cable news anchor and anti-Trump activist Joy Reid apparently had posted an entire corpus of homophobic rants in years past. The late Helen Thomas had a history of anti-Semitic slurs. And Ta-Nehisi Coates is never held to account for many of his overt anti-white invectives.-

napleslover - and finally we have the following from one of your like minded associates:
Few may now remember the post-election rant of Melinda Byerley, an obscure founder of the Silicon Valley company Timeshare CMO. She became a window into the mind of the furious 2016 progressive voter — and infamous for five minutes for her candid, embittered, post-election Facebook posting that soon was enshrined as a credo explaining why miffed coastal elites hated people unlike them:

One thing middle America could do is to realize that no educated person wants to live in a sh**hole with stupid people. Especially violent, racist, and/or misogynistic ones. . . . When corporations think about where to locate call centers, factories, development centers, etc., they also have to deal with the fact that those towns have nothing going for them.

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