We Need More Lifeboats

President Trump is ahead of schedule. I thought it would have taken at least a year before Trump could visibly damage our republic and sink his own administration. He’s managed to do it in just 116 days.

The Titanic was operating at near full-speed when her lookouts saw the iceberg, giving only 30 seconds warning. It only took seconds for a 245-foot gash to flood 6 watertight compartments, allowing a flow of 400 tons per minute of seawater into her damaged hull. It took another 2½ hours for the ship to sink. Her first lifeboats were lowered 60 minutes after the collision.

There weren’t enough lifeboats.

Donald Trump held a steerage ticket in politics and government and bullsh*tted his way to first class. He’s been standing at the bow of this Titanic shouting into the wind “I am the king of the world!” while the ship sailed at full-speed into icebergs.

The Titanic could have survived with 4 compartments flooded. In fact, her designers proclaimed her unsinkable because nobody ever anticipated more than 4 compartments could possibly be flooded in any accident. The kind of accident the Titanic experienced never happened before (or since).

Trump’s administration is beginning to flood multiple compartments.

There’s widespread panic in his administration, and a belief that Trump, just four months into his Make America Great Again™ agenda, is about to jettison his whole crew and rely only on his relatives.

Some in Trump’s inner circle are so concerned about the state of chaos that they would rather confirm to the press classified details of what the president leaked to Russia (at great personal risk) than watch the ship take on more water.

Trump’s Titanic may well have just flooded its sixth compartment, fatally dooming his administration. If so, we all get front row seats to the spectacle of watching it sink and watching those aboard clamor for the lifeboats. But there aren’t enough lifeboats.