We Need a 'Have You No Sense of Decency?' Moment That Transcends Party Politics

Character assassination of those who have done no wrong damages America. Who will have the moral courage to stop it?

I think we can make a reasonable argument that the accusations of some kind of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh are dubious at best, and likely meritless. What is beyond argument is that Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the Democrats are doing this for nothing more than crass politics. They have taken every opportunity to assassinate the character of Judge Kavanaugh, to distort his record on the bench, to accuse him of perjury when his under oath statements have been meticulously researched, prepared, and historically consistent.

They have now hauled out the Mother of all Assassinations, the #MeToo, or the "Anita Hill" weapon. Except that the person who made the now 35-years-aged accusation is following a pattern of political witch hunts that rivals the most rabid McCarthy tactics from the 1950s. McCarthy weaponized anti-Communist hysteria--which admittedly had some basis in fact. Today the weapon of choice is sexual predation, which also has some basis in fact.

McCarthy was capsized by a man named Joseph Welch, counsel for the Army, who had the moral courage to stand athwart the political show and yell "stop!" A grueling hearing before McCarthy and the Senate centered around a purported list of 130 "subversives" at U.S. defense plants. McCarthy brought up a young lawyer, Fred Fisher, who was with Welch's Boston law firm, and was brought on to Welch's staff before being sent back to Boston after Welch learned of Fisher's membership in a communist front group, the National Lawyers' Guild. Fisher's replacement was uncovered by the New York Times, who published the story.

After a terse exchange with Senate committee chief counsel Roy Cohn (who was at a later time a close friend and attorney for a younger Donald Trump), Welch had had enough of the witch hunt.

> Senator, may we not drop this? We know he belonged to the Lawyer's Guild ... Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator; you've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

That one statement born of moral courage to stand against the political hysteria, brought the McCarthy era to an end. Assassination of character for the benefit of people with political capital and something to protect, or to lose, is bad for America. Roy Cohn had much to lose--he was a homosexual with a lust for power and fame, and the Army was zeroing in on some of his favor trading and back scratching deals which put him in league with McCarthy.

Today, Sen. Feinstein, along with the Democratic Party, have much to lose. They have worked for years to tilt the federal judiciary toward progressive causes, and they've relied on this bias to preserve and advance their ideals when legislation fails. They've overturned the will of the people of 31 states, including California, on a scorched earth march to stamp out any opposition (ask Brendan Eich).

Democrats see what's at stake with Kavanaugh's confirmation, and with Trump likely making at least one more SCOTUS nomination. They see how Trump has appointed, and the Senate confirmed, 43 federal appeals and district court judges. They see that Trump could well shape the federal judiciary for decades to come, and remove the leftward bias they've relied upon.

Feinstein and the Democrats will spare nothing to prevent Kavanaugh's confirmation. They tried "Borking" him, now they're doing the "Anita Hill" approach that sunk Clarence Thomas. A phalanx of liberal press, including the Washington Post and the Huffington Post, are assisting in this indecent assassination. It's as bad for America as McCarthy was in 1954.

America, not Republicans, not Democrats, needs a Joseph Welch to stand up to Feinstein and her liberal henchmen and lickspittles to end this. Welch's words should echo again in the Senate: "Senator, you've done enough. Have you no sense of decency? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Republicans must confirm Kavanaugh, not for political reasons, but because he is undeserving of such a dirty and indecent attack on his character as a last ditch political power play. America deserves better.

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I would give blood if someone told her this on the senate floor. And maybe even throw in a "Your revolution is over. The Hippies lost."


Decency has been the victim of the cultural change that started sixty or seventy years ago. No man knows the time or the day for the tribulation or Armageddon. I believe we are in the last days, and asking, how more will God take? Much is beyond the wiper of Trump.

One of the big cultural changes is education. I have tried to be careful of the language I use because there is no equality in education and experience. It took attrition for ideas and laws to really take hold. Removing God from the schools, and making history politically correct was the start..Civics and government classes have been cut or moved to a lessor position. We have had to deal with, Students who did not dropout were victims of, "No Child Left Behind," and "Common Core."

Decency did not disappear all at once but it has shown up in full political force. We just had two funerals that became very political. People were made liars over the death  from hurricane Maria because there was no separation between indirect, direct, and a computer model.. A few people will die with or without the storm.  There will be some that are disabled from the storm, but live months or years beyond the storm. With days of warning, how many left the island before it was hit?

Decency is little or no use of anonymous. Checking the motive is part of being decent.


Republicans cannot stage a Joseph Welch moment as long as Donald Trump squats at the top of their party. Period.

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

Disallowing a sitting president to nominate a Supreme Court justice hurt America too. But that's where we are. Rules are rules.

Move on to the next candidate. Find another Gorsuch with no skeletons and who doesn't look like an obvious pick by Trump to keep his own sorry butt out of jail.

Run the confirmation hearings in October, right on top of the Democrat's reelection campaigns. It would be a win/win for the Republicans.

StiIl Jules
StiIl Jules

Talk about a total lack of self-awareness, heaps of irony and and a million watts of projection. A Garbage Old Party Trifecta. Congrats!