We #ChopOn For Each Other, Not For Snowflakes Like Terence Moore

I'm sick of trying to live to please those who can't be pleased because they're too busy being offended.

Terence Moore needs to stop writing about baseball and stick to only winter sports, because it's clear he's got an affinity for snowflakes. He penned this fermented tripe in Forbes:

> When the Los Angeles Dodgers sealed their best-of-five National League Division Series Monday night at SunTrust Park against the Atlanta Braves with a 6-2 beatdown in Game 4, I nearly stood up and did whatever is the opposite of the tomahawk chop.

It's not because Moore is a Dodgers fan. That I could live with. He's not. I knew as well as anyone the Braves had little chance against Los Angeles. Just about everyone at Suntrust Park Sunday night knew that. But the Braves haven't been in the playoffs since 2013, when our team lost to--the Dodgers.

This was personal for Atlanta fans. Chipper Jones threw out the first pitch. Hank Aaron called "play ball!" And the Braves struggled through their ​weedy bullpen and eeked out a win against Dodger bats.

But for Moore, it was about the Tomahawk Chop. Because it's ohhhhh oh ohhh oh ohhhhhhh, ohhh oh ohhh oh ooohhhh-offensive.

> Eventually, fans were chopping and chanting out of their minds, especially in the second inning. The craziness rattled Dodgers rookie pitcher Walker Buehler into walking pitcher Sean Newcomb with the bases loaded before he delivered a pitch to Ronald Acuna that made the 20-year-old the youngest player in baseball history to rip a grand slam during a postseason game.

I was one of those chopping fans who was there Sunday night. And if the craziness led Buehler to walk a man home and let Acuna hit a grand slam, then that's baseball. In case you were wondering, Terence, the game is for the fans, not for jaded journalists who get paid for political commentary on a sporting event.

We chopped our hearts out, but not for you. We chopped for each other, and we #ChopOn because it's our team.

> The chopping and the chanting intensified for many of those who helped the Braves' total revenue increase 47 percent last year to $124 million during their first season at SunTrust Park.

Good for the Braves. I am no great promoter of the money part of the game. But baseball is about bats, gloves and balls. I don't care if they play at The Ted or SunTrust Park (which, by the way, is one of the nicest parks in the country), or in the tall grass behind Fernbank. Baseball is about the play, not the elite snobs who spare no scorn for real fans.

Moore wrote "it was scary."

> Braves officials continued their new tradition of dimming the lights to watch Braves fans chant as usual while ditching their foam-rubber tomahawks for smartphones turned to flashlight mode.

Actually, it was rather awesome. See it in the picture above (taken by yours truly).

Then Moore went "there"--to the racist argument that the tomahawk is an insult to Native Americans. Terence, stuff it up your too-tight jock strap, because Braves fans are a tribe, like most sports teams fans.

Terence said he was once one of the choppers, but "the world has changed."

No, Terence, the world hasn't really changed that much. Baseball is still about gloves, bats and balls--and fans and tomahawk chops and chants. At SunTrust Park, I ran into--quite by accident--Tommy Lasorda. At 91 years old, that legend has class, and he knows baseball. He was rooting for the Dodgers, of course, but he wasn't rooting against the Braves like Terence Moore--an Atlanta journalist--was.

I was surrounded by Dodger fans because of where I sat in the park, and none of them was the least bit scared by our chopping. Only Terence, a supposed Braves fan.

So we #ChopOn as long as they'll dim the lights and urge us to Get Louder. But we do it for our Braves, not for snowflakes who use "it's scary" as an excuse to claim offense.

No, Terence, the world of baseball hasn't changed. Only you have.

Photo credit: Steve Berman
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Still Jules
Still Jules

@Jawman, when you read a screen name like @justachristian from someone who does nothing but spout Leftist nonsense, remember the False Flag tactic of the Left......I am also a Christian/Republican/conservative and I think Christians/Republicans/conservatives are wrong, followed by Leftist trollery.

We are supposed to think "Hmmmm----someone just like ME thinks the opposite of what I think. I should pay attention to that." It's just part of the strategy.


“Allegedlyachristian” - If you don’t think stupid is stupid, why do you care if other people do?


I'm a Mets fan. I've always liked the Tomahawk Chop. I remember going to a game during our disastrous 2007 collapse, and all of Shea Stadium was chopping our hearts out as the out of town scoreboard showed the Braves beating the Phillies.


Eric, you should realize that the AJC lost all of its real sports writers somewhere back in the 1970s along with the rest of its news worthiness when it became a total left wing rag.


If you don't like the Chop then stay home! It's fun!