WATCH: SNL Pokes Fun at Decrepit Democrat Party

The Saturday Night Live crew highlights a huge problem for the Democrats: They're really old.

Over the weekend, the cast of SNL took a momentary break from their incessant stream of skits featuring the insufferable Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump, and poked fun at a problem that the Democrat Party has, but doesn't seem to care about: they're really old.

The skit makes for great satire, and I'm not going to break it down too much here because you should watch it for yourself. Essentially though, the skit features all of the headliners for the Democrats: Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine, and of course, Hillary Clinton, bragging about how their party is "back" after last Tuesday's elections.

The point of the skit is pretty striking. The Democrats are old. Like really old.

Chuck Schumer is 66, Elizabeth Warren is 68, Joe Biden is 74, Nancy Pelosi is 77, Hillary Clinton is 70, and Bernie Sanders is 76. The only party leader mentioned in the skit under the age of 60 is Tim Kaine, and he's 59. (Side note: He's also Tim Kaine, so there's that.) In contrast, the GOP's movers and shakers are, by Washington's standards, extremely young. Paul Ryan is 47, Marco Rubio is 46, Ted Cruz is 46, Ben Sasse is 45, and Rand Paul is 54.

When you stop and think about it, the Democrats don't have much on the bench either. Their leaders in Washington have been around since the stone age, and they don't have many, if any, truly rising stars in the organization. Adding to this problem is the fact that the dinosaurs at the top of the party seem content to try to either stifle or cannibalize younger candidates in order to maintain their own seats at the top.

Compounding the physical age issue is the fact that the DNC's policy is as stale as last month's loaf of Wonder Bread. Maybe it's their age, but the "progressive" party of the future has recently turned hard and fast into the angry old party of "NO."

Think about it, what do they stand for? When you turn on the TV, what are Democrats saying? Are they trying to solve problems, come up with solutions, reach across the aisle to work out constructive legislation? Nope. They have firmly embraced "Le Resistance," and seem happy to keep their heels firmly planted in the ground while the rest of the world moves on. Try to fix our dangerously leaky immigration system? "Nope." Try to mend or replace the raging dumpster fire that Obamacare has become? "Nyet." Attempt to find common ground on tax reform to help out working families? "Heck no!" Expanding parents' freedom of choice over where and how their children are educated? "Absolutely not!"

In fact, the only policies that Democrats seem to care about anymore, are social issues--protecting the Planned Parenthood abortion cartel, advancing the LGBTQ movement, and fighting against religious liberty. We've been told for decades that focusing on social issues is the fastest way to stamp your ticket home from Washington. So why are the Democrats gambling all in on these issues now? The answer is that their cupboard is bare, and they're desperate.

You see, Democrats want the country to obsess over the bumbling elephants on the other side of the aisle, (and God knows, they are bumbling), but the DNC has got a big fat one sitting in the middle of their own room. They don't talk about it, but they have to know it's there. Their leadership is ancient, and their policy is just as musty.

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Totally agree on Cuban. He is Trump 2.0.


The thing I found striking about the skit was the lack of genuine enthusiasm. I realize they were going for a "low energy" display of the decrepit Democrat leaders, but it's pretty easy to tell they much prefer belittling Republicans. Another interesting point was the sponsorship by Mark Cuban. He may possess well-advertised "libertarian leanings," but he's no conservative. Cuban seeking the Republican nomination would provide a replay of the current president's "hostile takeover" of the party.