WATCH New York Times: If You Support Trump We Can't Be Friends

This, Charles Blow, is precisely how you go about destroying a country.

Just in case anyone was inclined to start thinking American society had a chance at survival, New York Times columnist Charles Blow put that to bed with this enlightened take:

If you support Trump, we don’t have anything to talk about and we can’t be friends. This isn’t about parties or ideology; this is about right and wrong.

Yes, right and wrong. Because nothing seems as right as shunning a person who deeply believes something you don’t. Take a look at how American of an idea that really is in this week's 414 Project video segment.

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Stephen L Carter reminds us that our prized institutions such as democracy and even our survival as a nation depend upon civilizing influences. We are reminded time and time again that
civility begins in community.


Great commentary. (I had never encountered the porcupine needle metaphor applied to relationships, but it works.) You provide a diverse array of people who persuasively illustrate your point. Thanks.