Voxspaliner Matty Yglesias Jumps The Shark

Vox writers have a lot of seriously flawed ideas. This one might take the cake.

Because Ezra Klein's hot takes on abolishing the Senate and national popular vote for congressional elections weren't ridiculous enough, his colleague Matty Yglesias decide to give a scorching take on the mob that descended on Tucker Carlson's porch.

For those who missed it a mob gathered outside Tucker Carlson's personal residence last night. Carlson was at the studio, but he has a wife and four children, the youngest of whom still lives at home.

Matty's super woke take starts here: (updated with screen shots because Yglesias deleted his entire Twitter feed)

He went on in other associated threads to say he felt no empathy for Carlson's wife.

What a guy. And I have never heard Tucker articulate racist ideas. He is allowed to think Colin Kaeprnick's protest was ludicrous. He is also allowed to challenge intersectional race and gender theory and warn of the potential consequences of the ideology.

I guess if Matty and the mob want to hurl these kind of accusations, they could at least become a little more familiar with the man himself. As an aside, no one makes anyone watch Tucker's show. If you find him disturbing or scary, change the channel.

And I am sorry for Matty's friend who hid in her house for months fearing deportation. However, if she were here legally, she had nothing to fear. Draw your own conclusion.

In full disclosure, I was not a particular fan of Tucker's new Fox show when it initially aired. It seemed to be the type of WWE journalism made for clips on YouTube titled "Tucker DESTROYS" or "Tucker BRINGS A LIBERAL TO TEARS". Not my thing, so I didn't watch.

Recently, Carlson has written a book and has been on the requisite book tour. I watched the Sunday Special with Ben Shapiro and was intrigued. A significant amount of what he said was both interesting a surprising. So I have watched several.

First, Tucker is at his core, a '70's California liberal. Don't freak. Those liberals actually believed in free speech, the individual and our fundamental negative rights. It's back when the ACLU actually represented the KKK's right to assemble because liberals were so serious about free speech.

Next, he has significant concern about the vanishing middle and working class. In his interview with Shapiro, Carlson actually said he would support regulation to prevent self-driving trucks. For the sole purpose of not putting 10 million people out of a job.

Finally, he does not strike me as a particular fan of President Trump. He is really trying to understand what led the country to elect him and is trying to describe what he sees as the utility of having someone with Trump's disposition in office. His bewilderment at the election is what drove him to write the book.

In these interviews, which I find to be exceedingly authentic, Carlson is both funny, self depreciating and praises Rachel Maddow. He hired her at MSNBC. There is not a smack of racism. There is a significant amount of empathy and a great deal of skepticism and concern about what happens to the average American during the next digital revolution.

However, his bottom line is you will not control or coerce his right to speak about his beliefs and ideas. Nor will this type of intimidation make him change his values or the way he thinks. The danger in impugning someone else's thoughts or motives when you don't even really know what they think is dangerous. Your actions could have the exact opposite effect.

I would conclude that Carlson may very well have what I once heard Scott Adams call F-you money. The next time the soy boys show up with their chants and an iPhone, Bubba and Max might be well armed and on the property line.

But in NO world should Yglesias be condoning this behavior or implying retribution for Trump's perceived behavior should be spread to anyone that doesn't spew progressive dogma. Matty actually called what happened at Carlson's house a "strategy". A strategy to shut Tucker up or make him think differently apparently. Good luck.

But you do you Matty. Keep virtue-signaling and maybe the shark will eat you last.

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"Matty's super woke take starts here:" Where is it?


Thanks for great article! Guess I should read his book....although I agree with the idea that we need a tough guy like Pres. Trump at this time.... to defend country and citizens!


Okay, I'm really, REALY, getting irritated with The Resurgent. Here I am, trying to read this article, and the page keeps jumping back & forth, automatically scrolling up & down - every few seconds - because different ads, of different sizes, keep popping in & out. It make reading EXTREMELY difficult... if not impossible.

Fix it Eric... or you're going to lose all your readers.


IMHO screaming Liberals feel that they are the guardians of "higher morality" and that there way is the truly enlightened way and the only way. Therefore their God is politics and not the true God above. So if they can't change it here on earth there is nowhere else. I believe in God and heaven so a little crap here on earth can be calmly tolerated.