Video: Feinstein Giddy Over Trump's Support For Her Gun Ban Bill

Watch Feinstein react to Trump's gun proposal - CNN Video

Anytime Dianne Feinstein is this happy, gun owners should be worried.

It isn't often these days that you get to see a Democrat senator literally jump for joy. This is especially true of Dianne Feinstein (D-Cal.) who is so unpopular in her own state that California Democrats refused to endorse her reelection campaign. But Mrs. Feinstein got a pleasant surprise when President Trump asked if her “assault weapons” ban could be added to the current gun control bill.

In the televised meeting at the White House, seen here on CNN, President Trump responds to Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) by offering to include various Democratic gun control proposals in the bill being written by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and backed by the president.

“Dianne, if you could add what you have also – and I think you can — into the bill,” Trump offered to the anti-gun Democrat sitting beside him.

Feintstein's reaction should make NRA members and gun owners physically sick. Feinstein, who apparently was not expecting the overture from the president, immediately breaks into a broad smile and literally gives a happy little jump.

“Joe, are you ready?” she echoes the president with a huge smile.

Feinstein clasps her hands together in joy and at one point touches Trump's elbow affectionately.

“Joe, can you do that?” Trump asks as Feinstein doubles over ecstatically beside him.

“Some of the things you're not going to agree with,” Trump adds.

“If you help,” Feinstein interjects.

“Well, no, I'll help,” Trump answers.

It has been said that politics makes strange bedfellows, but few are stranger than Donald Trump, the NRA-backed Republican, and Dianne Feinstein, the California liberal whose attempts at “gun-grabbing” have made her infamous in the pro-gun community. Anything that makes Dianne Feinstein this happy should have gun owners watching their gun cabinets closely.

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Trump like Obama - enemy of the 2nd amendment and the People


Someone needs to tell Trump that if he wants any chance of winning reelection, alienating gun owners is about the worst strategy imaginable. Someone else needs to convince Ted Cruz and/or Nikki Haley that a primary challenge is a good idea.


I think Trump will see the error of his ways, but this is an issue that could not only blow up 2018, it could blow up 2020 for Trump. If he loses 2nd Amendment supporters, which is a litmus test to millions of voters, he is done. It actually goes far beyond the 5 million NRA members, though some would vote for him no matter what. This is a political disaster because he isn't going to gain any significant votes from it, but will lose a lot and it is terrible policy. Trump may expect that he can float a massive cave to the Democrats and have them still reject it, which leaves him with no political damage since it wasn't passed, but the high ground on "bipartisan compromise". What he is missing is the apathy that it creates in his attainable voters. Apathy and motivation are the drivers of election wins and loses, not winning the "independents", which are mostly partisans that won't admit to being so and are already locked on one side or other if they bother to show up.