Valentine's Day—like everything else—must be attacked

If you are celebrating Valentine's Day, you are simply capitalist, heteronormative scum.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words, “Valentine’s Day”? Love? Chocolates? Flowers? Wow. That shows how brainwashed by the capitalist patriarchy you are.

I know you are as thankful as I am that the feminist group at Yale, Engender, is hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day event (not the first, and definitely not the last). Here is the question of the ages that they ask:

“Are you going out this Wednesday out of respect a tradition rooted in capitalism and heteronormativity?”

Each time I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day, “capitalism and heteronormativity” have been at the forefront of my mind. You don’t even have to say it, because it was obviously at the forefront of yours as well. What will they be doing at their anti-celebration? Why, watching the documentary, “This World: Frat Boys,” of course. I know the reason must be apparent to all, but, on the off chance it’s not, it’s to advance their efforts “to advocate for gender integration of Yale’s all-male fraternities given their disproportionate control over campus social life,” according to their website.

It’s so very easy to make fun of this nonsense (as I’ve just done), particularly when it comes from college students, with whom every issue is intense. And, as an American, they should have the right to meet on the battlefield of ideas to see if theirs wins (although I suspect they would not advocate the same for other views they disagreed with, given that they’re attempting to compel fraternities to accept women).

However, in today’s day and age of endless protests involving newly-created terms nearly no one has heard of, some kind-hearted soul might want to suggest that they could get further if they didn’t always come across as livid and confrontational. Am I defending the (very capitalist) American-style celebration of Valentine’s Day? Not really; I’ve always preferred tokens of love given freely and not out of guilt or coercion or fear of punishment. However, many millions of people celebrate it, and attacking it for its “capitalism and heteronormativity” likely won’t advance their goal.

Perhaps mocking it with a funny celebration of their own where people would want to attend might be better (although, I’ll admit it will be standing room only for their screening of an anti-fraternity documentary).

In the era where anything and everything is being protested, torn down, and deconstructed, we reached the point of absurdity a while ago. Perhaps we might want to begin approaching things, ideas, and even holidays, we disagee with with a bit more tact and nuance if we hope to persuade others to our point of view. If not, you’re also welcome to attend their “10 Things We Love About Exploiting Capitalist Holidays” event this Friday.

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What many of these people don't realize is that the "free love" movement that started in the 60s and continued until recently, was freedom to men more so than women. Men have always had a higher inclination to want the milk without buying the cow. Now society actually encourages this as empowering. Have women in the history of mankind, ever had a hard time having sex with men for the fun of it? No. Maybe society looked down on these women, but it hasn't ever been hard to do that. As any man can attest, most men spend their entire teenage years, twenties and oftentimes continuing on for decades pursuing sex. There are exceptions, but any honest man will tell you the exception is the guy that doesn't pursue sex. Hopefully with married men, this is being pursued with our wives, but we still pursue it. But the envelope has to be pushed, so now men are supposed to stop every 5 minutes have have the consent form resigned before continuing? Nothing will put a couple in the mood like signing consent forms. What these women are going to do is drive away any decent man. If I were single and a girl starts talking about this stuff, I'm out. I really don't care how attractive she is. There is nothing but trouble there. It is just another version of the crazy girl. Run away, fast! There is a lot of truth in the old saying that men want to date a slut and marry a virgin. These ladies are going to have a hard time finding anything beyond casual sex with men that haven't yet discovered how nutty they are. Maybe that is all that they want. However at 65 at 220 lbs, that is going to get harder. (Not impossible, but harder). Where as many other women will have loving husbands that love them for who they are, not just their 25 year old, sexy body.


And what, pray tell, is wrong with capitalism and heteronormativity? These are both good things. Capitalism and heteronormativity should make me want to do something. Honestly, monogamy is heteronormative. Cohabiting is heteronormative. Marriage is heteronormative. Parenting children is heteronormative. Many gay and lesbian people seek to live their lives using heteronormative archetypes. Being a feminist is not going to get you away from heteronormativity. Being a lesbian is not going to get you away from heteronormativity. Living in a child-free polyamorous commune might get you away from heteronormativity, but not much else.


I'm afraid I see nothing on the horizon that would cause me to believe your last paragraph will happen in the near future. Instead I see men deciding that woman just aren't worth the effort. I mean, would you want to try and date a woman who you must constantly ask if what you're doing is all right from her view point? As a woman who grew up and managed to survive all these asinine trends, I now sit back and laugh at how ridiculous woman have made themselves. Yes, men can be brutes, we've all known a few, but the majority are just good down to earth men trying to survive. I've never been big on Valentines Day, maybe because as a kid I never got many valentines, but that being said, to me it's just a way to say on one day what you should be saying everyday, "I love you with all my heart."