US Now Ranked 45th in Journalistic Freedom, Say Free Journalists

Technically, the list came from France.
For what that’s worth. Still tho...

The United States has been demoted to 45th on the Reporters Without Borders index of press freedom, The Hill reports. Pearls clutched firmly in hand, the totally neutral* analysis group lamented, “A media-bashing enthusiast, Trump has referred to reporters [as] 'enemies of the people,' the term once used by Joseph Stalin” (italics, and eye-roll, added).

Although the inexplicable phenomenon of a gaggle of journalists finding the current administration to be quasi-tyrannical may shock, SHOCK(!) readers, you might want to keep in mind that the would-be-fascism in question is “saying mean things about media people”. It’s fair to note that one guy got kicked out of the Oval Office once after he kept badgering the President with accusations of racism, but… a quick-draw whataboutist might inject a timely link to the recent Variety(!) article arguing Obama was at least as uncooperative with the press.

But let’s not quibble. Is there anyone out there who would question President Trump’s disdain for the MSM? He regularly insults them to their face. But in terms of a “freedom index”, how can one credibly argue there’s repression of journalism in the era where we’ve seen more vitriol spewing from the media firehose against a sitting President than any other in modern history? How did we even find this report? The dark web?

The fact that The Hill, a center-left outlet, was easily able to report on its own loss of reporting freedom seems more than a little paradoxical, no? As for Reporters Without Borders—hey, guys, did you really think we wouldn’t notice the too-subtle-by-half shade in assigning the US the number *45*? Convenient unbiased analysis from you there, thanks.

The Trump WH has been a problem with one guy- who has no decorum. The Obama WH tried to 86 an entire network.... So excuse me if I laugh at your ratings.

The media are obviously free enough to ignore the progress being made in resolving the long-standing problems of North and South Korea, preferring instead to continue their crotch-sniffing obsession of the president. They are not being forced to report fairly on the necessary reforms taking place in the government, but are free to continue advocating for Leftist agendas, including the efforts to undermine the presidency. Their indignant protests at being accurately described are fun to watch, particularly as they have not, so far, resulted in any discernible movement toward responsible journalism but just repeated temper tantrums like this "analysis".


Many of the problems the press claims about are self inflicted. There are times when certain questions are not appropriate. Tine like the Easter Egg Roll is not the time for questions of personnel or national security. When there are press conferences in connection with foreign heads of state, it is not the time for domestic policy questions. These periods only serve to create gotcha questions. They have the choice of hardball or softball questions. Many show lack of knowledge outside the rules of journalism. Some reporters show no courtesy to other reporters. There is as much damage in what you choose to ignore as what you decide to print.


The modern day "journalist" also shows a lack of knowledge within the rules of journalism. journalism is about the reporting of newsworthy events, not to present, or take sides in an argument. It is a stretch to call almost anyone claiming to be a journalist, nowadays, and has been that way since before we were born. It has been that way because "journalism" was born out of political activism in our country, and probably all the rest. Unfortunately, it has never really been out of reporting the news and letting people make of it what they see. But, as to the freedom of "journalism", it is as free as it can be when journalists can get away with all they write.

I tried to give a little credit to their intelligence as journalist. If they flunk that they know very little..