UPDATED: Light A Candle, Say Prayer.

At this writing Alfie Evans has been breathing on his own for nearly 17 hours. Now what?

UPDATE 4/24/18 1:00 EST: An air ambulance is waiting, medical ethicists from the U.K. have torched Alder Hey over their conduct and the Italian Healthcare Chief has called his colleagues in the U.K. "unable to break away from rigid NHS norms" . He added:

The way my English colleagues often deal with situations like this is shocking and inhumane

Yet this is the latest update from the family:

As the lady says, keep praying.

Original Story: I fully expected to wake up this morning a write a tribute to Alfie Evans and his amazing parents. I did not expect it to be what I am about to write.

Alfie James Evans you are reminding the world that miracles can happen. It may be that you have inherited a little of your dad's tenacity and grit. He and your mom have been tireless in their fight to get someone to listen to them and overturned every obstacle to keep you with them. You are showing them their fight was not in vain.

Tom Evans, you have laid the bare the barbaric nature of what the National Health Service and court system are doing. From the potential violations of English law in terms of parental rights to the use of neurological depressants that walk the line between comfort care and active euthanasia you have told the truth despite the risks in doing so. There was no reason your child should not have gone to Italy yesterday.

Judge Hayden, it is notable that you were able to schedule an emergency conference call last evening to expedite the extubation of this child but did not see fit to schedule a hearing on these extraordinary developments until 3:30 local time this afternoon. Is the personal cost of making such a haughty decision that turned out to be so wrong that uneasy to bear? May you in your wisdom now understand while medicine is based in science, it also has a fair amount of art. Doctors do not hold a crystal ball with their specialized knowledge. Simply guideposts to provide a highly educated guess.

Alder Hey, your treatment of this child and his family has been monstrous. I know of no other word for it. You have made them fight for the very air their child breathes, sleep on the floor, and numerous pictures on public display from the last several months make me question the quality of care provided. As a staff were you so certain of your end of life care plan months ago you could not even provide basic comfort measures like a tracheostomy and peg tube? Or is it lack of resources in a nationalized system? The answer to that question matters. And as it turns out, you had no need to fear Bambino Gesu Hospital making you look foolish by finding something you did not. A toddler named Alfie Evans did that all by himself in defying your dire predictions.

And to the U.K. political system, with the notable exception of MEP Steven Woolfe who has been a tireless advocate for the Evans family, when your decades long allies are grabbing you by your shoulders and shaking you, perhaps you need to wake up. This is not how a developed nation treats it's most vulnerable citizens. The United States, Italy, Germany and Poland have made extraordinary offers to relieve you of the burden these children place on your system. But you have marched ahead into what appears to be the most heinous form of resource allocation imaginable. You're friends are saying, "We got this." Perhaps you should let them.

And always remember, this is the inevitable result of letting the sate run our healthcare. It has been abused and resorted to rationing in every case it has ever been implemented. As Thomas Sowell has said:

One of the most important reasons for studying history is that virtually every stupid idea that is in vogue today has been tried before and proved disastrous before, time and again."

When you hear about 'Medicare for All" this is what the picture being painted in the U.K. will most certainly be what your children and grandchildren experience. The loss of self determination and state imposed solutions. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and healthcare for everyone is a good intention. Let's come up with better ideas.

This is not how citizens live. This is how subjects live. You are only deserving of what the benevolent state determines you are worth. I would say at this point, the state made a major miscalculation in the case of Alfie Evans.

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Thank you for the update, my prayers for Alfie and his family. My prayers for those that pretend to be God in the NHS, the Judge, and those at Alder Hey as well, they will need them more than Alfie I'm afraid.