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Up Means Down: Women’s Gym Responds to Angry Man Who Wants to Join

If the word women includes men & men includes women, words no longer matter. Distinctions don't matter. Nothing matters.

File this under legal complaints you didn’t see coming 10 years ago:

A man who has convinced himself he is a woman named Penelopy is furious after a fitness facility for women turned him away until after he has had surgery to “make him a woman.”

Leave aside the inconvenient reality that all the surgery in the world will never make his bone structure, muscular structure, DNA, anything but exclusively male. Every cell in his body is coded as a man’s, so while dumping dangerous chemicals into your bloodstream and mutilating your body parts may change your outward appearance, your genetic make-up bears silent witness to the truth.

I know all of that should go without saying, but I find myself having to reiterate it regularly these days not as someone attempting to be intentionally hurtful to those confused and struggling, or intentionally provocative to those who think the loving thing to do is facilitate the confusion by playing along. I reiterate it because even its simple truth will soon be largely forgotten in a society that has foolishly rebelled against God’s natural order in the name of love and tolerance.

If you find that difficult to believe, just check out the response that the exclusively women’s fitness center gave to the outrage Penelopy leveled against them for not allowing him to join their gym:

"We would firstly like to apologize for any harm our current policy has caused. The policy has been in place for a long time, but we acknowledge that this is no defense, and however unintentional it may have been we accept that it may be hurtful to those who are excluded by it. We know that this is a sensitive matter, and to that end as a business we are urgently reaching out to organizations within the Wellington GLBTI community for guidance and advice to review our policy and ensure that our gyms are a safe and comfortable environment, and an inclusive and understanding community for all women."

Notice that phrase “inclusive community for all women.” It doesn’t mean inclusive of different nationalities, races, religions, languages, or creeds. It means inclusive of all genders. That only works in that phrase if you interpret the word “women” to mean “men.” But if we are reading the word women as men and the word men as women, words no longer matter. Distinctions and differences no longer matter. Nothing matters.

Welcome to the brave new world of inclusivity and understanding – where absolutely nothing can be understood.

When the powerful British Army surrendered to the "ragtag" Continental Army at Yorktown, the British band struck up the old tune that captured their disbelief and bewilderment..."The World Turned Upside Down." In the midst of these culture wars, I understand how they must have felt, but that's no cause for surrender.


Is a lawsuit on the horizon for this gym? If you can't say no to baking a cake or making boquests then turning a "woman" away from joing a gym
will most likely come about through "Penelope" being disbarred, if not now then someday.


There are a lot of women that desire a women's only gym. The reasons vary. Some are embarrassed about their appearance or ability, especially in workout attire, no makeup, etc., or just are more comfortable in a women's only setting. Some may like the way they look, but not the way they are looked at in co-ed gyms. I would imagine being a hot woman in a co-ed gym involves getting hit on regularly, besides the oogling that occurs.

There are several legitimate reasons that some women want a women's only gym. They should be able to have it. A person that has a penis, isn't a woman. Period. Surgical procedures and hormone treatments don't change that either, but it at least avoids just the solely pervert aspect and gets down to people that are serious about trying to be the other gender.

If person looks like a woman and acts like one, no one is doing a skirt check to find out, gym or otherwise. This is only an issue with people that haven't went to that point. Walking into a women's only gym with a beard and standing up when you pee or walking around naked slinging it around, is going to get you noticed.

I can only imagine the outrage if a male only gym were to appear. Double standard anyone?


Most gyms were all male till around 1970. Most gyms were all white male till the mid 1960s. Make America Great Again?