Unbelievable: He did it again!

Trump doubled down on his praise for North Korean monster Kim Jong-un

The previous title to this piece was "Mr. President, Please Stop Complimenting Monster Kim Jong-un." But no, he didn't.

UPDATE: He did it again!

President Trump told Fox News' Brett Baier that Kim is a "tough guy" who took over "a tough country," and "at 27-years old, I mean, that's 1 in 10,000 that could do that." I'm flabbergasted and disgusted.

Tuesday, President Trump gave a couple of eye-roll worthy interviews, first to his bestie Sean Hannity, and then to ABC's George Stephanopoulos. He told Hannity that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was "a great young man." Yuck. He said to Stephanopoulos, "His country does love him." Not only yuck, but also dead wrong.

Kim Jong-un inherited his position from his father, who inherited it from Kim's grandfather, Kim Il-Sung, known as "The Great Leader." The original Kim is revered as a god, and known as North Korea's "eternal president." After the bloody Korean War, Kim the grandfather ruled North Korea with an iron fist for 48 years.

Now about the young Kim sitting in his grandfather's seat.

Kim murdered (he might not have committed the killing, but he ordered it) everyone associated with his father, Kim Jong-Il, who could challenge his power. He had his own uncle (reportedly) fed to dogs. He had his own half-brother assassinated using VX nerve agent. Anyone who dares to whisper the smallest insult or dissatisfaction with the Kim dynasty can face similar gruesome results.

The North Korean people do not love Kim, they fear him. They fear-love him in the way a child fear-loves an abusive parent. When the screaming five-year-old is yanked from her bed by daddy for "special time" every night, eventually this becomes "love." She fears him leaving if she tells another adult, because he told her that's what would happen, and she'd never see him again. She fears his wrath if she doesn't comply with his wishes. So that's "love" and that's the love that the North Korean people have for their leader.

It's a fetid, putrid, disgusting "love" that masks an entire state and society built on fear, lies, and betrayal. It's a place where the pasted-on smiles of children all wearing the same parkas at a "ski resort" are only there because they know what will happen if they don't smile.

Owning a Bible in North Korea will earn you a long sentence in a concentration camp (probably a life sentence). Your family will likely also get thrown in prison, or tortured to give up the names of other Bible-owners. China's biggest fear isn't that North Korea will fall into the U.S. sphere of influence, but that North Korea will fall, period, leaving millions of refugees fleeing into China. It's so bad a place that people risk their lives to go to China to bring back food. It's so bad a place that a young soldier was willing to be shot four times to cross the border at the DMZ.

The only fervor many North Koreans have is to get out of North Korea. It's a very dark place, literally, and spiritually. Love in North Korea is, like most other things, horribly perverted. Kim is the inheritor and great defender of this perversion.

How could our president know all this and still call Kim "a great young man?" Is this is the biggest con in the history of Trump's cons--something on the level with Mission Impossible? I mean the original Mission Impossible with Peter Graves, not the Testosterone Tom version. Could Trump have convinced all the west's leaders to submit to humiliating insults and slights, while slathering sugar on a stone-cold killer, all as part of some elaborate hoax?

If Kim comes to Washington, will they kidnap him and his entire entourage to a complete replica of the White House, to somehow wrest control of the North using a fake Kim sent back, only to have the plot revealed when Kim wakes up to Dennis Rodman, who was part of the entire con, explaining everything?

I wish that were true, 4D chess and all. But the world doesn't work that way, and we all know it. Instead, Trump is following his instincts. He likes to be flattered, so he flatters others. But decent people don't flatter monsters. Or at least they shouldn't. In this case, Trump's instincts are leading him somewhere he should not go.

Inviting Kim to the White House is probably a mistake. If Trump follows through with it, and Kim actually shows up, honoring this man would be a terrible misstep for America. In fact, Kim deserves to be arrested the moment he sets foot on American soil. If Trump really meant that Otto Warmbier's death was not in vain, he would not treat Kim like a dignitary in the seat of American government.

Really: If that pig-eyed little butcher sets one foot on the front portico of the White House, we should burn it to the ground and move our government to Ottawa.

It's time for our president to rein in his worst instincts, and to stop slathering honey on one of the most brutal men in the world. Please, for the sake of love, stop.

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Your assertion is nonsense, ludicrous, simply to impress me? You deserve a tin hat for that one. We have a medical term for that now, it is called "Trump derangement syndrome" How petty and narrow minded. Our President will go down in history for being one of our greatest. Your problem and people like you is that your too shallow to see the big picture. One more thing, there is nothing wrong with my knowledge and understanding of history , it is yours that seems be a bit skewed. EOD


@MattR - It's a bit silly that you think there's an actual plan in place here. Trump is doing what he's doing simply to impress you. Yes, you personally and all of those who support him. And, it's obviously working -- you're slim grasp of recent history is what he is counting on. He knows you don't know that previous administrations have tried this several times before and gotten notably "further" but ultimately failed because the North Koreans simply don't play ball.

None of this makes you wrong however. Like you I think it's totally worth the effort. And if it works great! But, you gotta know your blindspots man -- you're the only one who can hold Trump accountable if he's lying to you.


If it takes some un deserved flattery to get the job done then the President is right to use it. Stopping nuclear proliferation is worth it. What I am amazed at is the number of people who don't get it. It is so obvious one has to wonder if too many Americans are either on drugs or have taken a stupid pill for breakfast.


People should actually be called what they are. People who voted for Trump and STILL support him after all the bad he has done are dumb or evil or both. Embrace it. Or learn. Either way, you will be called that and remembered by history as that, so you might as well get used to it. Just look at it like the Germans...they were stupid or evil for supporting Hitler (even though a majority of them never did) and they deserve to be called out on it for the rest of eternity.