Twitter Twaddle Takedown

Just when I start to feel good about things, a quick check of Twitter usually disavows me of that notion.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. I always take the whole week off to hang out with the kids, do some fun stuff and prepare for the Big Day itself—which can be a real undertaking, since yours truly plays host every year to a truly wonderful cadre of friends and family. Between roasting the bird, arranging the hors d'oeuvres, and picking out a selection of pretty good beer for the occasion, I stay pretty busy—which means I don’t have a lot of time to go online and keep up with the news. It also means that I tend to stay off Twitter, which gives me yet another reason to be thankful.

Alas, just as the festive week must come to an end, so must my avoidance of (anti)social media—so it’s inevitable that I drift back to that internet mosh pit and jump back in. It wasn’t long before I came across this cry for attention passing for pearls of wisdom from Charles Blow, who writes a column for the New York Times but really seems to be casting himself in a middle school drama in which he’s president of the AV Club and Donald Trump is the bully who’s been stealing his lunch money.

First off, Charles, what’s up with all the abbreviating? Don’t you know that Twitter now gives you a full 280 characters with which to sound off on stuff like this? Granted, it’s still not as satisfying as a Dear Diary entry, but you’re a professional writer for gosh sakes. All this texty talking makes you sound like teen with a grudge against his parents because they got him a used flip phone for his birthday instead of the iPhone X he really wanted.

Secondly—and more importantly—what kind of a destructive mindset is this? If you can’t be friends with, or at least be tolerant of, those with whom you disagree politically, that doesn’t leave room for much else but violent conflict. Honestly, if this truly is about right and wrong, and there’s nothing left to talk about, how else does Blow think we can resolve our differences? Fortunately, for the rest of us who aren’t interested in another civil war, talking is what we do in a country that has many different regions and many different values. If Blow doesn’t want a president like Donald Trump to have an outsize influence on his neck of the woods, perhaps he’d be better served advocating a smaller federal government that can’t affect him as much. Sure sounds better to me than fighting in the streets.

Luckily for Blow, however, Bill Kristol came riding to the rescue to prove that Twitter inanities weren’t just confined to the Left. Taking his own opportunity to try and ruin everyone’s Thanksgiving, Kristol kommented on the passing sexual harassment scene by floating this little gem:

Really, Bill? Has it really come to this? Because if this is your idea of trolling, you’re doing it all wrong. The idea is to get people who agree with you to laugh, while discombobulating your detractors into saying something stupid that proves your point. All you’ve managed to do here is confirm everything that everybody hates about the GOP establishment. The only thing missing is an endorsement from some brown nosing toady to make it complete.

Oh, wait...

Christmas can’t get here soon enough.

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LOL! Just when I was starting to feel crummy about things, laughing over this made me feel good!