Twitter Sees You When You're Sleeping and Knows When You're Awake

Twitter's new policies will remove your verification badge if you do something they object to--whether on Twitter or not

In the ever increasing ubiquity of social media and its reach, the latest policies from Twitter now promise to revoke your verified status if you’re not on your best Twitter-sanctioned behavior—whether you’re tweeting or not.

In the most recent attempt at making sure nothing bad happens and no one is offended--ever, Twitter’s latest policies state: “Reasons for removal may reflect behaviors on and off Twitter that include…”

Similarly in August, YouTube changed its policies so it could crackdown on whomever they saw fit, based on what users may deem as “hate speech” or “controversial.” Due to these policies, Dennis Prager’s “Prager University” has sued YouTube/Google over some of their videos having been demonetized due to “hateful” material such as, “Why Isn't Communism as Hated as Nazism?”, “The World's Most Persecuted Minority: Christians,” and about 30 others .

In fairness, it is theoretically possible that this doesn’t end in a complete shutdown of all speech that doesn’t conform to whatever the politically correct standards du jour are.

However, given history and human nature, I wouldn’t bet on it. In the history of the world, only a miniscule percentage of all people have lived under any sort of freedom and we in the United States are at the highest pinnacle of it. We are the anomaly. Why should we expect that our freedom will magically sustain itself when we don’t seem to care enough to safeguard it?

Back to Twitter, though. Twitter, it’s true, makes its own guidelines and, we click “I agree” when we join. Granted. Additionally, we live in a period of history in which we have the freest speech of any people, ever, because, not only do we have First Amendment protections (in theory), but we also have multiple platforms by which we can make our voices heard with minimal gatekeepers. For now.

Am I suggesting that we all panic, thinking employees at Twitter, Google, and Facebook are donning Brownshirts? No. What I am encouraging, however, is for you to understand human nature and that the typical trajectory is for freedom to contract, for tyranny to expand, and that you need to be a guard for your own freedom and that of your fellow man.

Our society has become increasingly reactive when it comes to anything not given the politically correct Stamp of Approval by the powers-that-be (whomever that is in any given week).

Thankfully, it appears that a significant portion of average Americans still have common sense and don’t follow along with such nonsense. It’s the media and the gatekeepers on social media, primarily, who are chugging down the tracks in the crazy train (who, incidentally, have the most power to control or direct speech).

So what do we do?

Many will likely remain on the major social media platforms—that is, until they go too far in restricting speech according to their ever-evolving, subjective standards.

There have been a few attempts at alternative platforms in the past, particularly for conservatives who have felt censored. Perhaps more will take off in the future.

There’s no need to wait, though, as there is a growing community right here at The Resurgent where you can interact with others and have an open, positive dialogue!

Do we need to abandon Twitter and Facebook et al right now? No, although just last night I saw a friend say he was “deleting” his Facebook account because of how nasty he’s seen people become. We can all relate.

But who knows? With Twitter’s new policies, they might beat you to the punch and ban you if you’re at your local PTA meeting and happen to say something they don’t agree with at the moment.