Trump to Kelly: Save My Presidency!

Here are the facts as we see them laid out before us.

  • President Donald Trump was surrounded with more voices and responsibilities than he’d ever anticipated. “This s**t is hard.”
  • His White House had become a sea of stress, chaos, and ill discipline.
  • His agenda was in tatters, with only one accomplishment–Justice Gorsuch–to show.
  • He and his family were ever-more deeply embroiled in scandal and Russian interference stories that he simply could not make go away.
  • The White House leaked like a sieve and nobody trusted Trump (or his family) enough to tell him who is leaking.
  • Trump had made a deal with “the establishment,” that in fact won him the Republican nomination and the White House, to try things “the Washington way,” but that deal had crumbled with his loss of respect for Reince Priebus.
  • There was increasingly nobody the president could turn to, who he could trust.
  • His presidency was failing.