Trump's White House Gives North Korean Dictator a Special Place of Honor

President Trump further shows his willingness to reject long held friendships and embrace tyrants.

So this is predictable.

And frightening, actually.

Given the events of the past few weeks, with our president so willfully engaging in an economy-busting trade war, alienating our allies, and otherwise performing like a dutiful pledge to the Fraternity of Global Dictators, nobody should make the mistake of believing it’s an act.

It’s not 49th dimensional, blindfolded, backwards chess, either.

It’s who Donald Trump is, or at least, wants to be.

He wants to be the Supreme Leader, who crushes the oppressors (anyone who disagrees with him), clamps down on a free media, and hauls out officials that take what he considers to be an “improper stance” when he enters a room somewhere to be killed with a flamethrower.

We can only hear interviews with Trump praising foreign strongmen and tyrants so many times before we push back from the table and say, “You know… Something might be wrong with this guy!”

Of course, some of us saw everything wrong with him early and have not ceased telling the world that America has made a massive mistake.

I’m not ready to start blogging from a hideaway in a neighbor’s attic, just yet, but more and more, I see how serious the need to keep a check on President Trump’s “ambitions” is.

We can call this one Clue #649, if it makes it any easier for future historians.

In an act especially designed to show disdain for long held global friendships and the embrace of a murderous thug, the White House has replaced pictures of French President Emmanuel Macron with North Korean lunatic Kim Jong Un.

Wall Street Journal reporter Michael C. Bender confirmed on Monday that photos of the president of France, one of Americans longest standing allies, were removed from a wall in the White House’s West Wing.

In place of the French president were at least three photos of Trump shaking hands, walking and talking with Kim.

And it isn’t about Macron, who pretty much is a swishy socialist boy. It’s about which relationship is stable and lasting, and which cannot be trusted.

Time and again, North Korea has pulled this act that would suggest they’re actually reasonable and want peace.

Time and again, they’ve pulled the rug out from under us. We have no reason to trust them. Nothing, including the summit between Trump and Kim should lull us into believing they’re serious, this time.

I understanding wanting to believe it, but commonsense should dictate caution when dealing with the kind of regime that tortures, rapes, starves, enslaves, and murders its own people.

Or trusting a man whose family requires their people to view them as gods, in an otherwise Communist/atheist society.

And now Trump has given the dictator a special place of honor on the walls of the peoples’ White House.

There’s no excuse for that.

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@mtnavarre It's a shame Jared can't flatter his way to Peace in the Middle East.


It is all about making a deal. You can't tear someone apart and then expect to deal with them. There is truth to the saying that flattery will get you everywhere.


There is no excuse for this. But Trump is just being Trump. Pictures of a dictator worshiping at the altar of Trump is exactly what the president wants. It doesn't matter where he gets his adoration as along as you appropriately worship him. Trump has a sick, twisted mind and I am not surprised by any of what he does. I knew the minute he won the Republican nomination that this country was in trouble.


Trump's ears should be burning, what with Kim over in China for the third time in 3 months, laughing with Xi behind Trump's back like a pair of Gossip Girls.


Exceding expectations again he is.