Trump's Stunningly Correct Response to Kavanaugh's Accuser May Pay Off Nicely

Trump gives the public more credit for common sense than the hysterical left, daring Ford to offer public proof.

There will be hearings next week in the Senate, and Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be able to face his accuser, as is proper…

TRUMP: I wish the Democrats could have done this a lot sooner, because they had this information for many months. And they shouldn’t have waited til literally the last days. They should have done it a lot sooner. But with all of that being said we want to go through the process. One thing I will say is that as I understand it, Judge Kavanaugh spent quite a bit of time with Senator Feinstein and it wasn’t even brought up at that meeting and she had this information. So you would have thought certainly that she would have brought it up at the meeting — not wait til everything’s finished and then have to start a process all over again.