Trump's Moore Endorsement Taints Republicans For Nothing

What a waste of political capital and a terrible indictment of the party that ended slavery, and all for nothing.

With one tweet, President Trump has sealed the fate of the GOP to be the party of sleaze, forever yielding the high ground on any issue. And he did it for the pettiest of reasons.

Roy Moore, in any other context, would be tarred and feathered and slathered in plutonium sludge. As Jake Tapper (one of the few media giants untouched by the sex scandal fallout—permanently, I hope) tweeted, “Full throated presidential endorsement for @MooreSenate, who has been credibly accused by Alabama women of sexually molesting a 14 year old and of sexually assaulting a 16 year old.”

The arguments against Moore have not changed. Moore’s defense against the accusations has remained as murky as a foggy night in a decrepit cemetery. And don’t bring “innocent until proven guilty” into this. Do we want a credibly accused, and long-suspected, past sexual predator in office, complete with rumors?

Is the bar for shame and character now to be absolute proof? According to our president—it depends on which team you play for.

With that one tweet, character is been completely subsumed to political expediency and tribal loyalty. If it’s possible to make this even more sad, even the dullest political strategist knows that Moore’s vote in the Senate is a long term loss. The GOP needs at least a majority of four to five seats—if not a super-majority—to actually do anything.

Let’s take a look at Trump’s list of justifications for sacrificing every future Senate race where Moore will be paraded out in states where Democrats could win.

Stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall. All laughable. The Senate will continue DACA (or Trump will “revisit”), the border wall will be a 16-mile prototype showpiece and probably nothing more than a fence in other places, and crime will rise and fall on the efforts of local law enforcement, not the federal government.

Military: Trump will get his military budget increase because the natural course of the Senate is to vote for spending. Trump doesn’t need Moore’s vote to spend money on the military.

Pro Life: The Democrats have vowed to shut down the government rather than have abortion curtailed in any way. Yes, Moore is pro-life, and Jones loves the baby-slaughtering abortion industry. So don’t vote for Jones, or for Moore.

V.A., judges, 2nd Amendment and more. Again, putting the entire GOP agenda on Moore’s back is idiotic. Why not let Moore run for president? Would Trump support that?

What a waste of political capital and a terrible indictment of the party that ended slavery being so morally bankrupt as to endorse a morally impaired individual (at least his ability to claim morality is impaired, and nobody can argue it isn’t) to advance a morally superior agenda.

Either Trump thinks people are stupid, or they are willing to walk through hip-deep hypocrisy in the name of tribal loyalty. I think we know which one it is (because he himself won).

But in every case where Trump is selling lousy vodka or passing off cheap steaks as Kobi beef, or pitching real estate get-rich-quick schemes, your mileage with Roy Moore in the Senate may vary. Results are not guaranteed, and the advertised benefits are atypical of what you will receive.

All we’ll get with Roy Moore in the Senate is another tainted Republican senator, and what we give up for it is something we cannot get back. Regrets work that way.

@Revelation29 Moore's shown nothing in his life that would suggest he's capable of doing those things except four women who didn't know each other who say he did, a signed yearbook (a fake? maybe), and persistent rumors about him and teenage girls and malls going back to the 1980s, including newspaper clips from that era. Jesus required honesty for those to whom he granted absolution. The woman at the well understood this, as did the sinners and tax collectors. However, those stiffnecked prideful people who clung to their own innocence in the face of multiple witnesses yet paraded in the synagogues--surely they had their reward. Who is without discernment here?

The "party of sleaze"??? (Wow, I just can't see how a Trump tweet can manage to steal that long-held honor from the other party.) Your damning analysis strikes me as deeply emotional and overly doom-saying. You seem to think the context in which Roy Moore has to some extent avoided tar and feathers and plutonium sludge is a "my team must win mentality." I see the context differently. It has to do with reputation. It's a question for those who've known about him longest, and fortunately, they're the ones who get to weigh in on election day. Moore's got a lifetime of public service with a strongly pro-Christian public stand--and contempt from both parties to show for it. It isn't any stretch to think there might be a handful of Americans willing to tell scandalous lies to tarnish a reputation. Since there's no proof, I'd rather give one whom I've long considered a hero the benefit of the doubt. I see it as a matter of voting for the one whose policies will be good for the America, rather than any tribal loyalty or hypocrisy. If post-primary (and run-off) accusations against conservatives are all it takes to put Pelosi-type liberals into office, we know exactly what we'll be seeing, over and over again, from now on.


@Steve Berman There are many in the media who do not know each other that have the same agenda and report many false or misleading stories. There are many people in Hollywood that don't know each other that have the same agenda promote the same filth through their artistic vision. Their are many people in the world that don't know each other that have many of the same bad ideas that are influenced by the same evil spirits that are controlled by an even more evil entity. It does not surprise me that a good Christian man would be attacked by persons controlled by those same evil spirits. Ephesians 6:12. I do not know the context for any of the other things regarding malls and teenagers. I do know that when many of us were getting married and having families, Roy Moore was graduating from West Point and serving our country in Vietnam. Perhaps he found himself alone and all the good women were already taken. I don't know, do you? Sometimes a situation can be much more benign than what we picture in our minds. Also, the security manager of the mall at the time said they kept detailed records of anyone that would have been a problem and he does not recall Roy Moore being on that list. What other newspaper clips from that era do you have. Please provide links.

The people who know Roy Moore best, the people of Alabama, that have witnessed him up close for 20 years (and longer for Etowah County) know more than an internet blogger. The people of Alabama largely do not believe the allegations because there are multiple holes and logical fallacies in the accounts. When combining that with the timing, lack of any evidence what-so-ever and the fact that different groups have been trying to take Moore out since the 1990s, we don't believe these allegations.

I would be willing to bet that Steve despised Roy Moore before the allegations came out. I have found that common thread with everyone that wants to toss him under the bus due to 11th hour, unprovable, allegations from 38 years ago. If not, he would be one of the rare exceptions.

kardiognóstés: knower of hearts. Only God is the knower of hearts. Acts 1:24 And they prayed, and said, Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts of all men, shew whether of these two thou hast chosen. Jesus knew the heart of the woman at the well and he knew he could use this woman to save many in Samaria. None of us know what is in the heart of Roy Moore or if these allegations are true. I am going to leave this in God's hands.

@etbass Actually I supported Moore over Strange. I supported him when the allegations first appeared in the Washington Post. I supported him for days after that while his campaign played blind man's bluff and fumbled again and again to respond. But I think at this point, Moore is just playing politics and the waiting game and taking advantage of news cycles to make this story disappear.

I don't want Jones to win. But facts are facts. Either four women are vicious liars and WaPo,, and other media deserves to close forever for fabricating and promoting this story, leaving only Breitbart and The National Enquirer, or at least one of them is telling the truth. Given that stories have been in the press here and there for decades, the odds of a complete fabrication are less than one of them telling the truth.

It is what it is. All the "he's a good man" in the world doesn't amount to a hung jury in the Cosby trial. Cosby was a good man too.

Sorry. I would love for this to not have happened. But it has. Attacking everyone won't change it. Moore's winning won't change it.

@lifeofgrace I have looked for this answer online but so far to no avail. whoever wins this election (Moore or Jones), do they serve the remainder of Sessions' 6-year term? or just until the next general election, which would be November 2018, to fill the rest of the term from that point?

The idea that anyone in the world could do anything at all to damage the reputation of Republicans is hilarious. There is not a single member of the Senate or the House who is not guilty of much worse crimes that dating underage girls. In fact, I would argue that they are all traitors and that there can be no worse crime. Please keep your self righteous garbage to your self because no one in America is stupid enough to think that anyone in the Republican party leadership even understands the meaning of the words honor or character; and it is painfully obvious that neither do you. You simply can not stomach the fact that yet another outsider is about to be elected to office.