Trump Pal, Roger Stone, Takes to Social Media to Empower Godwin's Law

If you don't want to be compared to Nazis, this isn't the way to avoid that.

I can’t really give you a lot of info directly from the social media feed of Trump’s longtime pal, unofficial adviser, and walking pustule, Roger Stone. It only took about 4 exchanges between us on Twitter before the little toad scampered off behind the block function.

Was it something I said?

To say he’s probably the least helpful of all of President Trump’s very vocal advocates would be an understatement.

Anybody that has any knowledge of Roger Stone knows he’s not just irreverent and profane. The man is just a particularly nasty little troll.

Do you want to know how unhelpful he is?

On Monday, he apparently grabbed an image from a Trump critic on Instagram and forwarded it, himself.

The photoshopped image is of Stone, Trump, Pence, Devin Nunes, Sean Hannity, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Rudy Giuliani posing in astronaut gear, with the words, “Space Force: In space, no one can hear you lie.”

With his repost, Stone commented:

"I love this — proud to be in this crew — but the only lies being told are by liberal scumbags,” Stone wrote as the post’s caption.

OH – Did I forget to mention that in the upper right corner of the image, prominently and unmistakably featured is a swastika?

Each of the individuals in the photo have a swastika patch on the right front portion of their uniforms, as well.

Stone may be making a fuss now, as some reports seem to suggest that he’s become a target of special counsel Robert Mueller, especially as it pertains to his contact with Guccifer 2.0 and the connection to WikiLeaks.

Guccifer 2.0 had basically billed himself as a lone, Romanian “hacktivist.”

He wasn’t. Because of a breach, it was discovered that “he” was actually several “hes,” and those “hes” were Russian intelligence officers.

Stone, after freely discussing his conversations and connections to Guccifer 2.0, indicated that he knew about the DNC emails that had been hacked. In fact, he seemed to know they were coming before WikiLeaks released them.

In the past several weeks, Mueller’s team has been zeroing in on those more closely connected to Stone. Those include Kristin Davis, the madam of a high-dollar prostitution ring, known as the “Manhattan Madam,” and Randy Credico, a political satirist in Stone’s orbit.

Stone says he’d be willing to speak with Mueller, but nothing will get him to roll over on his old pal, Donald Trump.

“First of all, I have nothing that I could say about him that would be negative. Secondarily, I'm just not going to do that," Stone said during an appearance on CNN's "Outfront."

Given his quick and proud pushing of the Trump and his associates as Nazis, I wouldn’t really count on that.

One final note of interest: As I was writing this piece, someone apparently got in Stone’s ear and told him how very unhelpful it was for him to post an image with Nazi symbolism, as a show of support for Team Trump.

The image has been removed.

For those that didn’t get a chance to see it, you can still see it the same way I did, by following the link provided that shows the screen grab.

And this is Roger Stone, we’re talking about. That image is gone, but he’s sure to post something even worse, later.

No. 1-2

The entire Mueller probe would have far more credibility if he had simply gone after Stone from the get go. Regardless of what you think of Trump, this man has a decades long record of shenanigans to pay for.


He must be one of Trump's goodlyest and bestest defenders...

..and in that..he shares a common attribute of all of Trump's associates...

..they know no shame..

..and have no true character..