Trump Moves Left On Gun Control

It was once unthinkable for Republicans to rally around a presidential call for more gun control.

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, Donald Trump has done something that no other Republican president would have done (except maybe John Kasich). In a series of moves that seem calculated to test the strength of support from his base, the president has endorsed a series of new gun control proposals.

Trump’s left turn on guns began with instructions to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday to “propose regulations that ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.” The move would use new interpretations of existing laws to ban bump stock devices such as the one used by Stephen Paddock to kill 58 people in Las Vegas in October 2017.

The proposed executive bump stock ban was quickly followed by a presidential Twitter endorsement of raising the legal age to purchase long guns to 21 from 18, expanding background checks to include mental health histories and arming teachers with concealed weapons. Federal law currently mandates that buyers of pistols be at least 21 and establishes schools as “gun-free” zones.

The reaction from Republicans to Trump’s embrace of stricter gun controls has been muted. In a town hall meeting in Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) signaled a willingness to accept the increase to the minimum age as well as new limits on the size of magazines, but opposed the idea of arming teachers.

President Trump said that many congressmen and pro-gun activists had indicated support for his proposals, particularly the idea of expanding background checks. “There's a tremendous feeling that we want to get something done ... including at the [National Rifle Association],” Trump said in a White House meeting with law enforcement officials.

The effectiveness of Trump’s proposals is likely to be mixed. A You Tube video shows how gun owners can make their own bump stock device from commonly available parts and underage school shooters typically obtain their weapons illegally or steal them from their parents. On the other hand, including mental health information in background checks would have prevented many spree killers from buying guns legally.

Prior to 2016, the idea that conservatives would rally around a president who openly supported expanded gun control would have been laughable. Then again, the idea of Republicans nominating a president who once openly favored the assault weapons ban and waiting periods was also once unthinkable. No longer.

Ever heard of a belt loop? There's your bump stock for many semi automatic rifles. And raising the age, from 18 to 21 for buying a rifle, won't change anything. There is no need for any more gun law changes, of any kind. This is a cultural issue, and, until that gets fixed, there will be no fix with these kinds of crimes. Hug a liberal if you think this kind of legislation will fix anything. Trump should not go down this path.

absolutely right. we need to pray this problem away. there is not set number of children that has to die until we stop trying to get God to fix this issue for us

I warned people about Trump and his flexible ideology from the beginning. I voted for him since there is still hope that he's better than Clinton, but his history of contradicting himself on gun rights, abortion, spending, etc., makes him a constant worry. He has no conviction upon which to build a consistent, solid foundation. Conservatives are going to have to do everything possible to hold their representative's feet to the fire.

One question...how do we know that this isn't another gaslighting campaign like the DACA debacle?


Presidents do tend to listen to the citizens. People are getting sick of this crap. Parents do not want to send their children to school while crossing their fingers and hoping the kids won't get murdered that day.

How many of these shooters came from stable homes? How many had fathers in attendance. I'm talking about fathers who are responsible not the lout we see in the TV comedy's. The problems isn't not having enough laws, it's enforcing those we have.


I think the only reasonable thing to do is to allow churches (Christian only) to be more involved in the background checks and licensing of firearms.

Yeah, but MAGA! Who could have seen this coming? Well, actually anyone with a brain could have predicted (and did!) how a life long liberal would act when the heat got turned up. But, Trump! Right?

I think an increase on the minimum age to purchase a firearm will certainly be challenged. After all the government has given 18 year olds the right to vote in the 26th amendment. The federal government must certainly see them as adults. Is age enough to curtail an otherwise legal adult's constitutional rights? I see a landmark supreme court challenge in the future.


Right! If a man or woman can serve his or her country, vote for their elected leaders, at eighteen, there is no logical or legitimate reason their right to keep and bear arms should be curtailed. The idea of having to be twenty one to be able to purchase a handgun is already wrong. We need to fix our culture. That is where the problem is. That takes a long time, but the only laws that need to be dealt with are those that allow victimization and freeloading, welfare, EBT, EEOC, and the like, and encouraging getting away from this secular madhouse the liberals have created. That means a family has to raise their children, not a village. We have too many gun laws as it is. and those spoiled Facebook, Instagram kids who are parading around for the Democrats are examples of why they should not be allowed to possess more that a popsicle stick, but not all, though. There are good kids out there. They get overshadowed when Jake Tapper has a townhall against the NRA. The crowds are of idiotic young kids who still don't understand the difference between right and wrong.

I don't know if it's federal, but in my state, the minimum age to purchase (and drink) alcohol is 21. Granted that the right to keep and bear beer isn't enshrined in the Constitution. Yet.

Exactly. If a person can vote at 18, this person can also buy a gun. This law suit should also challenge statutes that prohibit providing alcohol to persons under 21. Same thing. If I am responsible enought to vote, I should be allowed to drink legally