Trump Jonesing For Second Putin Summit

President Trump's eagerness to work with the Russian strongman, given a week of bad press is baffling.

They keep saying we’re not supposed to call Donald Trump a Russian asset.

I’m not sure why.

Are we also supposed to assume Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t have some kind of kompromat on Trump?

I’d say, given the events of the past week, that it is nothing short of foolhardy to simply disregard concerns over Trump’s unusual devotion to Mother Russia.

C’mon Susan. Let’s knock off the “Russian asset” talk.

No. I think not.

After a 2 hour private meeting with the former KGB agent on Monday, a sitting president of the United States not only threw his own intelligence community under the bus, while standing next to that [smiling] KGB agent, but has doubled and tripled down on the outrage, in the subsequent days.

First of all, his so-called “walk back” consisted of saying, sure, maybe Russia did meddle in the 2016 election, but it could have been “other people,” as well.

That was not a walk back, or any firm acknowledgment that he stands on the side of the U.S. intelligence community. Anyone being perfectly honest must see the fear he has with opposing, outright, the Putin-approved talking points.

He even went on further and suggested that Russia is no longer targeting the U.S.

Yeah, but, Susan… If he was so afraid of Putin, what about the sanctions?

You mean the sanctions approved by Congress, as punishment for Russia’s aggressive activities, which Trump grumbled, complained about, and refused to sign off on? Those sanctions?

But Susan, he bombed Syria, knowing Russia was active in the area and helping Bashar al-Assad!

You mean the bombing they boasted of, but we later found that, somehow, the Russian and Assad forces that had been in the area had mysteriously been tipped off and moved out of the area, beforehand? Is that the bombing you’re referring to?

We don’t know what Trump and Putin spoke about in that 2 hour, private meeting. It was a highly unusual move, especially in light of all the concerns about possible collusion between Team Trump and the Kremlin.

It’s as if Trump is begging to be caught in something.

I honestly don’t see how a true Russian asset would act any differently.

Then, of course, is the continued attempts by Trump to discredit every American institution.

In Thursday morning tweets, the president named the “real enemy” of the nation – and it wasn’t the ones who meddled in our election, or who have a nasty habit of poisoning their opposition’s tea with radioactive polonium.

"The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media," Trump tweeted.

This is where I randomly interject with the factoid that they kill journalists in Russia.

"I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed, including stopping terrorism, security for Israel, nuclear proliferation, cyber attacks, trade, Ukraine, Middle East peace, North Korea and more. There are many answers, some easy and some hard, to these problems...but they can ALL be solved!" he added.

The White House is insisting that the 2 hour private meeting with Putin included these topics, and that would be great, but it prompts the question: Why keep this secret, with no aides or note takers?

Then there was a question as to if Trump would consider Putin’s offer to allow special counsel investigators to travel to Russia to sit in on questioning of the 12 Russians recently indicted for their part in meddling in the 2016 election. In return, Putin wanted to send Russian investigators here to question American citizens for crimes in Russia, including a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the president was considering it, talking to their people.

That is unacceptable. We don’t turn our citizens over to a hostile foreign power, based on flimsy charges. We don’t even consider it. Full stop.

So again I ask, how would a Russian asset behave any differently?

No. 1-25

@Dave_A -- I didn't say all Republicans. I laid out the factions in a comment above.

By the way, if you care to look at the actual polling on why Republicans vote Republican, you will find your "kind"--the Ayn Rand faction, I'll call ya--is a tiny, tiny minority of the GOP electorate.

Trump won (and thus caused the GOP to win) in 2016 by promising free health insurance for everybody and paid family leave.

The party you are talking about when you say "we" is perhaps 5% of the actual GOP electorate. You can do a spin-off and give the Libertarians a run for their money.

Or to put it another way, y'all tried to blame Obama on rising health insurance costs, but it didn't work and you failed to repeal it despite controlling every single branch of the US federal government.

In Europe, white nationalists like Marine Le Pen are basically Bernie Sanders but with racism. If you listen carefully to Trump's base--like one of the commenters here--you'll note that they have a problem with government aid to those people but not clean-blooded white people. They are welfare-state enthusiasts not John Galt.



The real issues that drive people to vote republican have nothing to do with race & everything to do with individual freedom. Yes, I know, your kind sees racisim behind everything (just recently, one of the loons on the Seattle City Council decided that pressure-washing human poop off the sidewalks was racist)... But that's not reality...

We want a nation where the government doesn't try to rejigger the economy in the name of 'income equality', where you get to keep what you earn & are left alone to live your life on your own land (unlike Democrats, we actually tend to live where owning your home is possible) without outside interference...

We blame Obama for skyrocketing health insurance, because Obamacare was his idea. We blame the Democrats for preventing it's repeal.

We don't accept the notion that the government has any business providing people with health insurance, let alone forcing them to buy it or requiring them to purchase coverage they know they will never need simply because some bureaucrat in DC deems said coverage 'essential'....

It's not because of 'Fox News' - it's because we want a different world from the one you do... One where the rights of the individual trump even the 'needs' of the community, and everyone is left to fend for themselves on every issue beyond those explicitly protected by law (Which should be few and far between)...


@rightagain -- I think the gun faction of the GOP, while certainly a pillar of support, is one of the weaker ones.

More guns were sold under Obama than any other president. Gun enthusiasts know that. Yes, if guns are your pastime you want to vote against anybody even thinking about curtailing your hobby, but if it means you might be bankrupted by medical bills because the Republicans canceled your health insurance (or made your preexisting conditions preclude you from it) then your hobby falls by the wayside.

Those first two factions are a lock. The first is about human dignity: being a racist all of your life, having the mainstream look down upon you, etc. Unless you are against the wall economically, your dignity will drive you. (This faction is the one who loves anything that makes "liberals" mad regardless of whether it makes sense).

While I can be as cynical as they come sometimes, I actually don't believe in "conditioning". Yes, Fox News only shows pro-Trump things on it, but any of these people can turn the channel to a real news outlet any time they want.

If their health insurance skyrockets, or the stock market tanks, millions of them will change the channel. Not all of them, but many will.


@lovinee - You forgot gun owners who have been conditioned to see the Democrats as the anti-Christ. They will also stick with the GOP no matter what.


@CMacchiato - "Far too many people only care about the economy and whether their lives are comfortable."

I wish it were as simple as that, but the reality is that people don't care about their own lives as long as the "tribe" wins. There are farmers in the midwest who are getting their heads handed to them thanks to Trump's idiotic trade war. Their support for Trump is unshaken, even as they lose their farms and homes.

The tax custs that many on the right are cheeirng on, comes at a high cost to the deficit and in the long run will hurt the ever shrinking middle class. Yet those same middle class folks have no problem with it since Fox News and Rush Limbaugh tell them it is a great thing.

The irony of all this is that "conservatives" lash out when Hollywood "tells" them what to think, but have no problem when right wing media does the same thing.