Trump is fulfilling Russian election-hackers' dream, better than they ever could. By his "fighter" personality, he is furthering their quest to divide and conquer America by weakening the bonds that hold our nation together. The Russians wish to inflame potent, even violent discord in our national conversation, with the ultimate purpose of dividing our nation's house against itself so that it cannot stand.

Trump ceaselessly tweets and employs attack propaganda (yes, it IS propaganda on those many occasions when he is lying) to split up former friends and make them fight bitterly with one another. He routinely fosters division that turns Americans against Americans. He bullies members of his own administration, and he seeks to stir up outrage against the nation's vital institutions of justice. He starts fights everywhere he turns - even alienating us from our nation's allies! He loves to stir up one side against another and watch the fight that goes down, which inevitably spurs his allies to leap to his defense and cling to him even more strongly, when he attacks some person or entity that they all already hate, and appears to succeed. He loves to do whatever it takes to induce extreme reactions from the Left. Meanwhile, divisions within our country have reached such fever stage that acts of violence are occurring more frequently. Just look at Steve Scalise. Or Charlottesville.

No wonder Russia offered to give Trump material by which to attack Hillary! Perhaps, instead of viewing this as potential collusion, we should recognize that Russia thought Trump could accomplish their goals for America better than they themselves could. By his pugilistic nature, he is a perfectly suited, vital asset to their cause to destroy America from within.

Maybe the Right shouldn't be celebrating so much that "he fights back!" and instead should remember two of the seven things that the Lord hates: "a false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers" (Proverbs 6:19). There are ways to gain the upper hand, and persuade others to join our cause, without actively spreading strife. We can't fix America's moral decay by contributing to it. If we don't want the liberals to destroy this country, we should make sure we aren't helping destroy it ourselves (by being political pugilists).