Trump Campaign Files for Arbitration With Omarosa: There May Be An 'N-Word' Tape

If anything rings the bell that Omarosa's Trump-world rocking claim that Trump uttered a racist word, it's this.

President Trump is known for counter-punching. But his only comment on the potentially devastating claim by Omarosa Manigault Newman, the one-time White House staffer who was summarily fired by Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly, centered around her firing, not her tapes.

Well, she does have tapes. And she's not afraid to use them. Now, in her book (which is filled with venom and fan fiction), and in public, Omarosa is claiming Trump uttered the "N-word" and she has it on tape. CNN has its own tape, where Trump's aides, during the campaign, questioned him on the possible existence of an "N-word" tape.

Lynne Patton, a Trump campaign aide and assistant to one of the President's sons, told fellow campaign officials on a call in October 2016 that she confronted Trump about the existence of the tape and that he denied it, according to a recording of the call publicly released Tuesday morning by Manigault Newman on CBS.

So we have Her word against His word, and neither of them are particularly trustworthy in their words. But it's not words, it's actions that send the message, and the Trump campaign has rung the bell that if a tape could exist, they're worried about it.

Everyone who works for Trump signs all kinds of non-disclosure agreements. Only the best, most air-tight, hermetically sealed NDAs. So tight that even a porn star can't slip through it.

And the Trump campaign said Omarosa has breached hers. The Hill reported Tuesday night:

A Trump campaign official said in a statement it filed a claim with the American Arbitration Association in New York City against Manigault Newman "for breach of her 2016 confidentiality agreement with the Trump Campaign."

All the catcalling and screaming about Trump being incompetent, or being a bad boss, or even an S.O.B., won't do a thing to harm him. But if Manigault Newman can actually produce a tape of the president uttering the most vile racist term in the U.S. today, the psychological, cultural, and political fallout cannot be estimated, or contained.

I think that tape, if it exists, may be Trump's undoing. Somehow, I've managed to quote Sonny Bunch twice in as many days, but his tweet wins the issue:

"Donald Trump getting taken down by Omarosa is the final act we need for this whole thing to be a perfect Greek tragedy." It would indeed be a tragedy. I never thought Trump was a racist. I can't imagine him using the "N-word" in any conversation, except possibly in air quotes--quoting someone else. Doing it anywhere that it could be taped is political suicide, and Trump is smarter than that.

But if the tape exists, it could be the end of the road. It would make Charlottesville look like Melania's hand-slap getting off Air Force One.

Normally I don't worry about such hyperbolic claims, since they are part and parcel of the Trump White House and its circus ring of inhabitants. But when things get quiet, and when they get legal, I worry. I worry because clearly the Trump campaign is worried.

No. 1-15

Trump would definitely lose some of his more reticent, measured supporters (those who acknowledge when what he does is wrong, as well as when it is right) if an N-word tape were to surface.

But those with a more fanatical allegiance to Trump would stick with him no matter what, putting their hands over their ears and insisting that they weren't actually hearing what they were hearing, that the tape was fake, that Omarosa's claims were evidence of a vast deep-state conspiracy, or the like. Or else they'd try to reframe the interpretation of the tape, while desperately trying to dredge up evidence of Democrats uttering racially degrading words or behaving in racist fashion, to divert the public's attention and to delude those who don't pay enough attention to politics to know any better.

The sad thing is that I believe the majority of Trump-loving evangelicals would fall into the latter group, and would drag God's name through the mud, once again, with all their inexcusable defenses of Trump's sins. Ever since 2016, it has become unmistakeably clear that conservative Jews and conservative Mormons are far more interested in applying Judeo-Christian standards and principles to their politics, than are most conservative evangelicals.


My prediction: if there is a tape, Trump's base will be utterly unfazed by it. Which means Republican politicians will fall all over themselves to distant themselves from Trump's remarks while continuing to support him.


I think if Ms. Newman had such a tape she would have published by now. I also believe that she capable of publishing a "rigged tape". She has demonstrated her unabashed low moral standards by waiting till she fired by coming forth with all her accusations. She will go any lengths to punish the WH for firing her. Given the content in her book, it is likely that she violated the NDA big time. In fact, the Trump Campaign would be amiss if they did not sue.

In regards to the use of the "N" word, it is not appropriate by anybody to use that word , regardless of race or ethnicity. However, it also not appropriate to call someone a nazi. However, I do not think that it is the end of Donald Trump. A final note, I just wonder if she was a source of the leaks, because of Gen. Kelly's comments on her integrity.


What are you worried about? Trump only hires the best people and the smartest lawyers.