Trump brought "all this Stormy stuff" on himself. You wanted a tabloid president, this is the baggage that comes with it. Conservatives are indeed under siege - from within, by Trump. He's no "general," and certainly not for his conservative captives. He's an enemy that needs to be purged from the GOP, that, perhaps and perchance, the conservative movement can once again be worthy of that label.

On that we can agree?

Yes, Trump is a deeply flawed person. But he is making an effort to slap this overbearing, oversized, arrogant deep state back down to a manageable size, which HRC would never do. She was and is part of the sleaze of washington d.c. I will never understand why otherwise intelligent (perhaps I'm being generous here) people would knowingly put a woman into power who would steal their liberty, freedom, and God given rights. We the people should never fear our government. Our government should always be in fear of us.

"You wanted a tabloid president..." Don't be ridiculous. No one "wanted a tabloid president". We wanted a president who could and would commit to the actions we find necessary to turn the country around. If the choice had been between a "tabloid president" and a pure-as-the-driven-snow conservative, the kind of Christian all these judgmental "Christians" find acceptable (no Mormons, please, no matter how morally upright---we learned that lesson) we would have preferred the Dudley Do-right. That was not our choice. Trump was not my first choice, but once he became the nominee he was my only alternative. I am thoroughly sick and tired of these poseurs assuming the Higher Moral Ground and inventing lies about Trump supporters so they can posture as being so much more moral, so much more in tune with God, and qualified to lecture to us. When you/they use the same sleazy tactics as the Left (inventing lies so you/they can then sneer at them) I find you/them merely the other side of the same demagoguery coin. For the howling, whining, screeching and moaning about how bad Trump is, here is what we would have gotten if he had lost: "Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir includes a questionable interpretation of the central lesson of George Orwell’s novel “1984,” namely that individuals should trust those in positions of authority." Given that choice, I am quite happy with the guy who does NOT think we should just "trust those in positions of authority" and instead is trying to gut the illegal, unconstitutional, de facto fourth branch of government (that is, agencies run by un-elected political appointees who can't be fired and who just make laws as they go along) and I don't some sanctimonious self-appointed Messenger From God telling me this means I am morally bankrupt or "wanted a tabloid president". Pride is a cardinal sin, you know, and pride in one's holiness has actually been addressed in Scripture. Check it out.

"...don't NEED some sanctimonious, etc...."

I wanted a president who would get things done. I got what I wanted.